Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Leader of Labour,  Little
President of the Party Nigel Haworth,
Deputy Leader Annette King,
Is it best practice for a serial failure in the person of Matt McCarten to continue to destroy your once great outfit.

Word is you have no money apart from a potential if somewhat until now largely absent
union support.

In the interests of  retaining some semblance of a functioning democracy can someone in the increasingly dysfunctional pretend charade take the Little man into a back room and forcefully impess upon his stubborn, pigheaded, so wrong and damaging mind set that when in a hole stop digging, when found in error immediately apologise, when threatened with legal repercussions over an offensive remark take every opportunity to appease the wronged.

The customer is always right even when demonstrably wrong.

I accept that Little and the one voice in his ear continuously, McCarten  after years of union tactics where dissent is easily ignored and shut down in intimidatory open meetings with votes by show of hands and rhetoric dominated by loud threatening speech making with no opportunity for an opposing view is accepted practice. However in politics where message and perception rule the discourse, a change in sop is imperative.
The Hagamans gave an extraordinary generous opportunity for Little to make it right, it is very difficult to understand what was to be gained from intransigence.
The way Little went after Shewan on his appointment to review the Panama papers with allegations of whitewash and bias only to in recent days use the resulting report to try to reignite  dead embers was indication of serious incompetence but to then refuse a clear request for retraction and apology from Mr Shewan is either gross stupidity or serious mental impairment.

Wont someone with a few functioning brain cells in Labour either gag the idiots or at the very least write new lines, as at present it is so depressing and for a functioning loyal opposition, damaging to the point of disaster.

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