Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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David said...

A question for the Veteran.

What's your take on the revelations that Chris Kyle, "American Sniper" embellished his record?

Did he get away with it for so onge because of his hero status? Were those who knew the truth to fawning of his celebrity to speak out?

Kyle is dead, but what steps should be taken to ensure the record is corrected?

Noel said...

In his book CoH Harrison, credited with the longest sniper shot. gives a good insight how been a sniper can screw with your mind.
2 Silver Stars and 3 Bronze stars changed to 3 and 5 in Kyles book surely a small transgression?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I agree and that was my first thought. Is that all they've got? And hardly a well known reputable source.

However, if true, it is sad that the man felt he needed that little bit extra embellishment.

More important, what is David's take on a SOS who deliberately left her ambassador and three troops to die and then lied through her teeth about it; systematically leaked hundreds of top secret e-mails to her country's adversaries; and now want's to be president?

A bit more significant than the odd silver star here and there, eh?

David said...

Adolf, you've been drinking too much of the Russell Fletcher Brand KoolAid. Benghazi! Bah Humbug. The House Republicans had their little hearing and came up empty handed, even the right wing media accepting that Clinton bested them.

And lookit, another right wing hero brought down. Kenneth Starr who pursued Bill Clinton for having consensual sex with another adult has been shown up as the hypocrite they always are, dumped by BaylorU for failing to fully investigate sexual assault and rape accusations against the football program.

Why do you lot always hitch your star to the night soil wagon?

Then there's your favourite Sherrif Joe Arpaio, costing his County millions, looks like he's set for around 5 years in the big house. How do ya reckon that'll turn out for him?

And looks like The Donald could even be out of the race the way the court case against his phony Uni is going. The judge is a Mexican, the judge was appointed by Obama, the judge keeps ruing against me moans the Donald.

The right can't take a trick!