Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fortunately For Auckland Rate Payers.....

.....Len Brown doesn't read The Australian.  'How do you know?'  I hear you ask.  The Australian does not carry pornography.

If he did, he would have seen this remarkable story.  It's behind a paywall so here's the gist.

Canberra is the first place in Australia, probably in the world, to have introduced a domestic violence levy on all ratepayers. Canberrans who own property now will have to pay a special flat tax in what is already the highest taxed jurisdiction in Australia.

There is a general air of civility in Canberra lacking in most Australian cities. Partly because of this civility it has armchair socialist sympathies. So the capital has also become something of a social laboratory.

ACT Minister for Women Yvette Berry was asked in the legislative assembly if there was statistical evidence that the ACT was experiencing an increase in domestic violence. She could give none.  

So it all boils down to 'Golly gee whizz.  Here's a way to squeeze more money out of them without increasing rates.'


The Veteran said...

Anything is possible in Canberra. Scorching in summer, freezing in winter. A pound to a knob of goats**t tells me that at a national level neither Labor or the Greens have this as part of their election policy manifestos ... they couldn't be so stupid or could they?

No doubt their counterparts over here are monitoring the situation closely to see if they might be able to get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Canberra - I like how Bill Bryson described it in his book on Australia. The world's most boring man couldn't be persuaded to live there (or something like that) because it was so dull. He was talking about Howard as I recall.

My Australian mates say its getting better but I think it still sounds like remission rather than cure. I must go there one day to see for myself.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The War Memorial Museum is magnificent. It alone is worth a visit to an otherwise worthless city.