Sunday, June 26, 2016


Well, almost.   However, I see that Jeremy Corbyn has just fired Hilary Benn, Labour's shadow Foreign Secretary, for supposedly encouraging fellow Shadow Ministers to resign were he (Corbyn) to ignore a vote of no-confidence in him.

If the reason as advanced is correct then I hardly think that arguing in support of what would be the right thing to do is a sackable offence,   Mind you, Corbyn and Benn have serious history.   A delicious irony given the fact that Tony Benn, Hilary's father, was perhaps the most left-wing Labour Party leader in modern history.

So it's not just the Tory Party that has problems.   UKIP too.   Their sole MP, Douglas Carswell, a member of the official 'Leave' campaign, has come out strongly against Fara(n)ge being given any role in the Inter-Party Committee being formed to help negotiate Brexit.   Farage was sidelined by the Leave campaign as too extreme.

Blood sports continue apace.

Updated Mon 9.16 (Golf Course closed, too wet)

Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet is in disarray ... resignations aplenty

Lord Falconer, shadow justice secretary
Chris Bryant, shadow leader of the House of Commons
Heidi Alexander, shadow health secretary
Lucy Powell, shadow education secretary
Vernon Coaker, shadow Northern Island secretary
Ian Murray, shadow Scottish secretary - and Labour's only Scotland MP
Kerry McCarthy, shadow environment secretary
Seema Malhotra, shadow chief secretary to the Treasury
Lillian Greenwood, shadow transport secretary
Gloria de Piero, shadow minister for young people and voter registration
Karl Turner, shadow attorney-general

and the last person standing is????


I see the Stephen Kinnoch, Labour MP for Aberavon, son of the former Labour Party Leader, Neil Kinnoch and tribal Labour to the core has joined the call for Corbyn to step down (or be sacked).   He said that with Corbyn at the helm Labour was likely to lose somewhere between 30 and 60 seats come the next election.   Who am I to disagree with a Labour Party insider.


Anonymous said...

As I said Farage is too toxic now and will be sidelined. My faith in the young was not misplaced 75% of 18-24 age group voted stay. Some of rhetoric in the party battles exceed that of the referendum with pretenders saying that Corbyn was responsible for labour supporters voting leave when it was NEVER about party loyalty.

The most delicious irony of all is the son of Ian Paisley, the anti republican firebrand from the troubles, is urging his constituents to apply for Republic of Ireland passports....I have a feeling that this is not over yet.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I see that Labour's Shadow Health Secretary has now quit. Appears to me this is part of an organised attempt to get rid of Corbyn by those MPs who don't see him as capable of leading their Party to victory come the next election. Not sure it will succeed because Corbyn could stand again notwithstanding any vote of no-confidence by the Parliamentary Labour Party. In that event, and given the makeup of the Labour Party activist base and TU support for Corbyn, my assessment is that he would win again. That would leave the PLP is disarray, more than it is now.

The election for a new leader by the Tory Party is a little less complicated than that of Labour. If more than two candidates put their names forward then the Parliamentary Party prunes the names down to two which are the voted on by the Party at large in a postal ballot.

As for Paisley and he campaigned for Brexit. Clearly his call on passports was an attempt to have his cake and eat it too.

You're right, it's not over, not by a long shot ... and we haven't even discussed UKIP.

Angry Tory said...

UKIP is finally replacing the Labour Party in the UK. The end of Socialism. Boris will call a general election soon - the polls show Labour being reduced to a civil-servants party in London only. No Labour MP north of Reading has a safe seat and most will lose to UKIP.

The biggest irony of ironies is that Corbym is a Eurosceptic - but was forced to tow the party line. The result is shame and destruction of Laboir, which can only be a good thing.

The Veteran said...

AT ... bone up on the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 and tell me how 'Boris' is going to call for an early election. The Tory Party is unlikely to support a vote of no-confidence in itself (first trigger point) and equally, the PLP turkeys are hardly going to vote for an early Xmas (second trigger point).

Paulus said...

Hilary Benn is the son of Anthony Wedgewood Benn - Eton educated of course like his father.

I assume that he is also Lord Stansgate - like his father, who decided to ignore this hereditary title as it did not suit being a Left wing Socialist.