Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Last week we were berated nightly on homelessness and the mean nasty Gummint's clear neglect of the innocent victims.

One moronic Melon claiming forty thousand souls with no shelter.

A week on and the Prime Minister caves in to the chorus after obviously getting Poll results that the Media Party created problem is gaining traction, and announces an increase of thirty percent in immigration for Refugees that Slater has labelled "Fakugees" in the main.

Some basic maths has two hundred and fifty more immigrants will very soon expand to over two hundred partners, uncalculated spawn that could range in age from high teens to babes, then subsequent dependent parents all in the name of "humanitarian aid".
A hundred here, a hundred there and soon it is real numbers.

Now this morning Hosking interviews a facilitator in the immigration field, surprise surprise he is also seriously connected to a Housing advocacy outfit.


Noel said...

You are missing a variable in your maths.
40 percent of refugees leave after gaing residency.

gravedodger said...

They used to head off to Aus, if that continues then NZ can expect a slamming of the door there.

The Veteran said...

New Zealand has a long history of taking refugees stretching back to 1944 when 800 Poles including 700 children arrived in this country. For the most part they become contributors to society. The proposed increase from 750 to 1,000 is modest by any standard. Oz with a population 6 times that of NZL takes in excess of $20,000 refugees per annum.

Noel, please reference your ascertain that 40% of refugees leave after gaining residency. In point of fact you cannot get a passport until you gain NZ citizenship. A Refugee Travel Document my be issued to a person who has refugee status (confirmed by Immigration NZL) under which the person may leave (and re-enter) NZL for up to five years. It is a travel document only and does not, to the best of my knowledge, entitle the holder to seek residency in a third country.

Noel said...

Veteran you are correct. Meant to put citizenship.

paul scott said...

There may be just a tiny difference between White European refugees and Islam.
Islam has a meme inside itself to destroy our society, kill our men, and rape women, and convert to Islam by force .
The pansy apologists for Islam say that the refugees are all fine people.
The time bomb factor is quite clear. The sons of these Islan become politicised, so twenty years from now ...
And just for your viewing pleasure NZ First is gaining membership at its greatest level since its inception. Davey Seymour is being an utter pansy social libertarian and welcomes more Islam.
Seymour has changed the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers to the liberal hand wringing dignity and say nothing that means anything party.

Allan said...

If they are not Christians or of similar ilk and state that they are willing to abide by our laws and follow their own beliefs in private and are willing to assimilate into our society without prejudice they should not be allowed into NZ. End of story. Multi culturalism does not exist in Islamic states it is their way or the highway so the same ideals and practices should be the basis of our Immigration Laws.

The Veteran said...

Thank you for that Paul ... so clearly you are arguing that we should recall our Ambassador to the US and drop SBW from the ABs because they are 'them' with a mission to kill, rape and convert. What tosh.

As for Winston First and he's made a meal of blaming other races for all sorts of woes, real and imagined (and mostly imagined). It's served him well. But he's not a leader in the classic sense of the word and never has been. Rather he's the ultimate populist and when the going gets tough the populists get going. National may have to deal with him post the election since his erstwhile mates in Labour and the Greens have cut him out of the equation but any dealings will be on the basis of convenience rather than trust.

That of course is supposing the ciggies and whisky don't deal to him first.

The Veteran said...

Allan ... that's exactly what a person pledges to do when the take the oath of citizenship ....

"I (full name) swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her (or His) Majesty [specify the name of the reigning Sovereign, as thus: Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of New Zealand,] Her (or His) heirs and successors, according to law, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of New Zealand and fulfil my duties as a New Zealand citizen. So help me God."

What more do you want?