Friday, June 24, 2016


For those who don't have Sky or Foxtel, there is the excellent and right up to the minute BBC website.

So far with less than 10% counted, 'leave' is leading.

Interesting to note the closer a constituency is to the Chunnellthe more likely it is to vote Leave - or so it seems at this stage.


Barry said...

Thanks for giving us this link.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

With over 30% counted it looks sd though the English and Welsh want to leave while the Scots and Irish want to stay.

I wonder why!!!!!!!!!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The 'leave' campaign is doing much better than polls and pundits predicted. Thanks in large part, I suspect, to Frau Merkell.

Pete said...

I watched several video clips from Nigel Farage. Very good speaker with his main points being the dramatic loss of democratic voice for Britain in a bloated, very undemocratic and poorly performing operation that supported large numbers of very well paid bureaucrats.

The migrant issue was a side show and also not helpful. Others will follow if Britain actually makes it out.

paul scott said...

Good news. Brexit.. this is an indicative poll. Cameron will shuffle his feet over the loss, until Britain is rid of him. He should resign forthwith over his lies and double talk, and his willingness to see Britain destroyed by Islam.
It is important for our little Nation. We must never be governed by an unelected multi national bureaucracy, in any way . All strength to New Zealand

Pete said...

Very important for our little nation where politicians are flirting with measures to weaken or deny democratic basics. Special seats for Iwi in Auckland was a great example to consider when voters tossed out the Proposed Hawkes Bay Amalgamation.

I am not sure about the rush to Council Controlled Organisations either. Some examples appearing where loss of democracy may have consequences for CCO proponents around election time.

Angry Tory said...

It is important for our little Nation

It is indeed: I really hope we get an NZ Independence Party for the next election - have to have someone to vote for that will give us independence, stop benefits, stop immigration, stop welfare, stop bludging and give NZ back to the people who deserve it!

I am not sure about the rush to Council Controlled Organisations either.

Clearly when NZIP makes NZ independent, those CCOs will be sold of or closed down - along with KiwiRail, KiwiStealer, LandCorp ,and the rest of the bloated NZ version of the EU!