Sunday, June 12, 2016


The media has been playing the so called housing crisis like a fiddle with a wave of poorly researched stories designed to tug the heart strings of anyone with a heart.   Well, I have a heart but some of the reporting leaves me cold.

 Is it too much to expect a degree of honesty and balance by the media in their rush to outdo each other in their breathless reporting of the 'homeless' ... how about including the level of government monetary assistance available to the person/family involved ... what about the reported case where a mother and ten children found living in a carport where it transpired they were entitled to government assistance totaling close on $2,000 net in hand per week.   Why a carport then ... so many questions, so few answers ... and surely we are entitled to answers.

And then the person, living alone in a three-bed-roomed State rental home refusing to move because it was 'her' house and she had lived there for 30 years. News for her ... it isn't her house and another family might just have a better call on the property.

One final point.   Any HNZ tenant found to have caused serious damage his/her rental property should have the tenancy agreement cancelled and never again be eligible for the privilege of a government subsidized tenancy.

p.s.   fascinated to read the treatise from a Dunedin academic (funded by a lottery grant) that one in every 200 persons in New Zealand were living in sub-standard accommodation defined as to include boarding house accommodation.    What tosh.


gravedodger said...

Twelve hundred HC houses unoccupied for a variety of reasons, ie located where no demand exists, in need of insulation upgrade, refurbishment but most alarmingly, nearly 500 contaminated by "P"/Meth and awaiting decontamination to be available for re-letting to drug abusers.

paul scott said...

Poor little buggers. Send them to me. I walk them through the shanty slums of Bangkok they will see what poor is.
Meths [ Amphetamine production ] does not contaminate any more than ciggy smoke. You buy the meth contaminated homes from Government up there gd / I will repaint them inside, no mask needed,and we split the profit 50:50

The Veteran said...

Hi Paul ... there is a deal of difference between a house where 'Meth' has been cooked and one where the occupants have been indulging. In the former there is an increased risk to health including cardiovascular, respiratory and dermal effects. In the later and, as you say, the risk is more akin to cigarette smoking.

The greater issue to my mind relates to homes being trashed by tenants and I can say that as a former landlord. Whatever, you abuse a HNZ rental property and you forfeit the right to it forever.

Shelldrake said...

Have just been in UK/Europe for 3 months. Have lived whilst working NZ Gummi and have had numerous visits, normally for lengthy times for both business and family reasons over 45 years.

A lasting impression gained years ago is that our social problems are the same as theirs. Housing, medical, education etc. Only the scale is bigger.

Inability to grasp pragmatic solutions, the same, attribution of blame, the same, whinging socialists, identical. English Rugby, still Crap.

However, two things I enjoy here (apart from one or four beers) are the Times and the Telegraph. The journalism is professional by most of the journalists and op ed writers. The detail and depth is good and you are challenged to read it all each day. That said , the companies printing them have little regard for conservation as the amount of paper used is gargantuan.

Our media hacks should be required to study them and the BBC at Journalism 101.

Not much hope I guess, bit too intellectual for most of them.

Disclaimer: I am not a Brit and can appreciate why my ancestors left this sceptred isle in the 1860's.

Shelldrake said...

Sorry about multiple entries. Casual Internet provider here is not too good.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Don't worry about it. It's very easy to fix from this end.