Friday, June 17, 2016



A bunch of simpletons spent the night in their cars in a carpark in the Mangere Town Centre in a stunt gesture supposedly to empathise with those who for whatever reason choose a car for shelter.
People who may include some who possibly cant access housing due to the actions of a heartless uncaring State Leadership. Much more likely though, some who  have made poor choices or have  eliminated themselves from the system through their own stupidity

I spent four months out of  house ownership status in early 2001 and just as with many of the  free choice people that the media spend considerable time and effort in molesting in pursuit of a new(s) story,  it was a choice.

I was never happier wearing jeans and jersey over a sweat, sneakers instead of boots, a car for last resort shelter and a wife and two dogs for company it was a total release from over forty years of  various numbers of animals depending on my decision making for their security.
So happy I succumbed to "Shingles", an affliction that emanates from an earlier brush with chicken pox virus that lingers about only to emerge with stress often a trigger.
Stress my posterior, then I learned the body can read stress from "change" and no matter how happy a change may make one feel the body can see stress in that same change.

Anyway I was in no hurry to regain a perch on the property ladder with all the added responsibilities and expectations involved but for SWMBO not having any where to call home almost did her head in.

One day in the early days of this current tour,  we stopped for a night beside a southern N I river, freedom camping as is my first choice. Upon waking we had been joined during  the night by a lady in her converted 9  metre bus and a corolla car. Eventually from that car, a male, mid twenties emerged, stretched, gave a casual wave as gypsies are wont to do. He then released a quite large dog from the hatchback door and  thoughts of why began to cycle. A few minutes later,  a woman also emerged  from the Toyota and then they were gone.
Who knows where or  why, only when was for sure and whatever motivated their accommodation choices they seemed contented, comfortable and decidedly normal.

How  anyone  with access to a good salary, a home and no threat to their income for another fifteen months or so can have any understanding of, or sympathy and compassion for someone living in a motor vehicle for what ever reason is beyond comprehension. Hell even Barely Sober gave the attention seeking dolts a serve, something that should have informed the stranded gropers how stupid and inane their action truly was.

Oh, a passing thought, I wonder what the Auckland Super City Council bylaws and published attitude is to freedom camping, what were the sanitary services available, rubbish____ ?
Hang on it was rubbish, the whole charade.


Anonymous said...

What a bloody hero...... Why hasn't the media managed to get hold of this story of triumph over adversity? It may have escaped your notice that the world has moved on since your your toe dipping into the property market in the '70's.

A young woman MP was shot dead in Yorkshire today who displayed more humanity, compassion and common sense than you and you ilk have shown in all your posts.

Why do I mention it? Because she was killed by internet blogs where ordinary people doing a job or pursuing a career are are demonised and considered as figures of fun and become, to some, hate figures therefore disposable for the common good,

In certain quarters there is huge disappointment the killer is not a Muslim.

Lord Egbut

Gerald said...

Not sure if there is a "bauble" for shingles but in recent years there has been a vaccine.

Noel said...

"freedom camping as is my first choice"
Don't you mean "FREE camping is my first choice"?

paul scott said...

Yes you can live in a car, not easily though, and best not too long. If the weather is good you can get in and out of places for warm water [ bucket ] for clothes and face washing.
Motor camps best every few days. I say to dog and wife, no sorry you can't come, see you soon. You need to be meticulous about waste matter. Maybe we can send Lord Egbut off on a car trip, Internet included, see if it kills him.