Saturday, May 7, 2016


Seriously people this beatup on signage on wicked Campervans is a non issue.

Just as Trump has enjoyed so much free promotion from a Media Party intent on bringing their world view to bear as opinion, Wicked have had priceless promotion.
I bet that many people had been just ignoring the graffiti adorned vans for 'Bears',  are now reading the crappy signage to see what is getting so many supposedly thinking people so exercised
I recall much worse scrawled on public toilet walls mid 20th century and then there were Capping Magazines and adult publications, supplemented by rather unseemly school yard talk.

Just as Free speech can not resemble a "little bit pregnant" it is just one more bit chipped off what I sincerely believe is a primary fundamental  right of free thinking citizens.
Of course if the garbage on the fleet of thousands of vans world wide that Mr John Webb from Queensland founded, is in contravention of the many existing laws that impinge on free speech already, then prosecute, otherwise Ms Bennett, Ms Adams and your enablers, pee or get off the pot.

FFS I am far more incensed by the apparent down grading of the murder charges faced by the killers of toddler Moko, an event that should sear the brain of every compassionate and thinking adult in this country.
When contrasted with optional to be read, signage on a freakin El Cheapo Campervan, it is worthy of serious review and questioning yet have Bennett, Adams et al made any comment on that appalling tragedy let alone confronted it. So far that assault is led by The SST alone.

I hate Wicked Campers with a passion along with the many other low cost backpacker tourist vehicles but as for what some moron scribbles on them at considerable cost, stop the free publicity and consider the implications for free speech.

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