Friday, May 13, 2016

What's In A Name.

Now that the idea of Fairfax and APN merging their NZ news operations has slithered off the front pages, it behooves NZers to think up a name for this new organization which will continue to spew out the same old junk with the help of less then the current employee muster of 3,000 people.

I must admit I was staggered to see that number of people employed.  No wonder they can't make any money.  Anyway, what's in a name?

Some bright spark over at KB has suggested "Stuff_ME" which is very clever.

The best I can do is "Stuff and Nonsense."

As an aside, I really don't see why the Commerce Commission should take more than a week to determine there will be no loss of competition.   There is nothing to stop a new player stepping up to start up a newspaper which actually reports news and provides intelligent commentary on separate pages.

Just ask Coles and Woolworths in Australia about the so-called strength of their duopoly.  Aldi and now Walmart are making a joke of that.


Nookin said...

I suppose the advertising slogan will be "Get Stuffed". Journalism will be called "stuffing around" and MSM will become more instufferable.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

T paraphase a former naval person:-

'Never in thee field of journalism has so little of value been produced by so many people.'