Thursday, May 5, 2016

What's The Difference Between.......

.........Phil Twyford and The Herald?


They are both purveyors of racist slime.

Note today's headline for a story by Claire Trevett on party donations.

Why mention the irrelevant fact that the company is Chinese owned?

You can bet your boots if the company was owned by ,say, Ngai Tahu it would not be labelled "Maori owned."

And while I'm at it, where are all the Herald stories about large corporate donations to Labour?  There are no stories because there are no donations.

The Herald continues to back the losers in Labour.


Noel said...

Identifying that Company who made a donation to a political party is Chinese is now racism.

Make your case to the Human Right Commission.

I don't fancy your changes because I'm dammed if I can see anything in the Act that would support your claim.

Anonymous said...

Its the intent Noel , clearly beyond your ability or willingness to understand

Anonymous said...

It's the intent of the media is to inform.

On this occasion you are saying the media's intent was to be racist?

What you smoking Willis?