Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Well there is another mark on her CV.

Jacinda Ardern is now a top legal brain to go with her usual muppetry.

She finds the Moko Murder down sized to Manslaughter "UNFATHOMABLE".

Here is the News Moron, those we trust to run things judicial considered getting a Guilty plea to Manslaughter where a Life sentence is still an option for the Judge, a better outcome than the dismissal that occurred with the Two for one killings of Kris and Kru Kahui. Both those ferals walked free, or did that escape YOUR ten second attention span.

Sheesh the next point of contact for the two who killed Moko in such appalling circumstances, who would in my world of genetic selection be sterilized  forthwith, will come when a judge sentences the two sadistic mongrels, then Ms Ardern, newly anointed judicial intellectual giant, you may well become unfathomable in your assessment of what is the next disgusting chapter but for now STFU.


Allan said...

Bimbo is far to nice a word to describe her. If the Labour Party sees her as a future leader they are really in big trouble. Mind you Andy Little is really not that far behind with some of the utterances that he comes out with so perhaps mediocrity and uselessness is a prerequisite to lead the party of losers.

pdm said...

Allan - you are probably right with your last few words - after all they made Cunliffe leader. Nuff said.

JC said...

In a child killing like this feelings count more than precise words. Ardern is on the right side of public opinion on this one.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm with JC on this one.

paul scott said...

The writer is just saying the prosecution are looking for a conviction. Then after that the sentence. The other case he refers to was horror story. As far as Adern future goes, we should wish her the next leadership of the party after the next election..
Shearer, Goff, Cunliffe, Little, Adern, maybe Hipkins to take the thing through to the 2020 electoral loss.