Monday, May 30, 2016

Trump or Clinton?

Here’s my humble attempt to put into words the reasons I favour Trump as the next American President.

Let me say at the start I don’t consider Trump to be an ideal candidate, whereas I did think Romney was in that category, last time round.  We have to deal with what we have in front of us and at this stage it appears almost a foregone conclusion that the contest will be fought between two imperfect candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

My rationale is simple.  I favour the candidate who will (a) do the least damage;  (b) turn the economy from stagnation to growth and (c) get rid of the numerous excesses of the Obama regime.

Here goes – not in order of preference or importance.

Foreign Policy

Obama rightly has been judged a fool by America’s adversaries.  No better example can be found that the remark by a senior Iranian official that ‘we must move quickly to take advantage of this wonderful thing that is happening in the White House’ or words to that effect.  Clinton proved herself incompetent in Libya and she will not change.  On the other hand Trump will be feared because of his alleged irrationality.  I doubt very much Putin would have dared carry on the way he did in Crimea and Ukraine if he had not known that Obama would not lift a finger. (Clinton’s e-mails probably told him that.)  

Israel has been given a very hard time by Clinton and Obama.  I think Trump will be much more supportive of the only true democracy in the Middle East.  Hence his pledge to wind back the appalling ‘Nukes For Iran’ deal done by Obama without approval from Congress.

The US Economy

Trump has made it pretty clear he wants to put America’s unemployed back to work quickly.  Among other things he has signaled the go ahead for the Keystone pipeline; significant income tax cuts; reduced government spending (unspecified) if elected.  That’s not a bad start.


Much ballyhoo has been made of his pronouncements on this issue.  Where Muslims are concerned, to my knowledge he has never proposed a blanket ban on their entry to the US.  As far as I can see he has suggested immigration to the US by Muslims should be suspended until the authorities can satisfy him that they are capable of properly vetting those immigrants.  Eminently sensible and certainly not a ban by any stretch.


Trump proposes, one way or another, to put a stop to further illegal immigration from Mexico.  That’s no small task and it does not address the matter of the millions of existing illegal immigrants from Mexico in the country.  Of one thing you can be certain.  He sure as hell won’t be giving them the vote.

Other Domestic Policy

The whole federal administration has been politicized by Obama, in ways never seen before.  Inland Revenue, Health, Justice and EPA to name just three.  Trump has signaled the end of Obamacare but I have not yet seen any comment from him on the appalling behavior of IRS, EPA and Justice.

The Constitution

Obama has made an art form of bypassing Congress and acting by presidential dictum.   Trump has made it clear he will abide by constitutional requirements for congressional approval 

Well, that will do for a start.


David said...

Jesusonapogostick Adolf, you have outdone yourself this time.

Trump on foreign policy? You quote a mysterious unnamed Iranian. Where's your source? Sure, Israel has "been given a hard time" and deservedly so. It has added fuel to the fires of the Middle East, it keeps a nation enslaved and allowing a vote does not a democracy make. Trump's foreign policy does not exist. Like all his policies, it is a rumour, a legend, and whisper on the wind.

The economy? Bush lost private sector jobs over the course of his eight years (the Wall Street Journal declared it the “Worst Track Record On Record” on jobs), while Obama has created a net of 9.5 million private sector jobs during his presidency, and nearly 13 million if you start counting after the Great Recession Bush handed Obama technically ended in mid-2009. NOTE WELL - Private sector jobs, not putting the unemployed on the government payroll.

Mexico and illegal immigrants?

We build on previous American Action Forum (AAF) research that found removing all undocumented immigrants from the United States and preventing all future unlawful entry would cost between $400 billion and $600 billion and reduce real gross domestic product (GDP) by over $1 trillion. In this paper, we examine how removing undocumented immigrant workers would directly impact each major industry.
In 2012 roughly 6.8 million employed workers in the private sector were undocumented immigrants, making up 5.6 percent of all employed people in the private sector. We estimate the direct economic cost of removing these workers from the labor force. We find that even if native and lawful foreign-born residents were to fill jobs left by undocumented immigrants, there were not nearly enough unemployed workers in 2012 to offset a loss of all 6.8 million employed undocumented workers. As a result, the U.S. private sector would face a substantial labor decline. Based on 2012 workforce and production levels, we find that:
* Private sector employment would fall by 4 million to 6.8 million workers, and
* This worker decline by itself would reduce private industry output by between $381.5 billion and $623.2 billion.

NOTE WELL - The American Action Forum is a Right Wing think tank, not hippies, not lefties, but people like you, but who can see an economic benefit where Trump sees a few votes from disaffected MAWMs.

The Constitution?

Trump does not understand it. He thinks that being POTUS is like being CEO of Trumpiania and that he gets to do what he wants. He forgets he has to deal with Congress, and lets face it, Obama has achieved far more in the face of a hostile Congress than your pin up Tony Abbott did when he only had a hostile Senate.

I think you should leave it at that, you've embarrassed yourself too much already. It comes as no surprise to me that those who support Trump are those who also thought Sarah Palin was erudite.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


He who laughs last, laughs longest.

Anonymous said...

Re David's comment........


And...GO! Hillary GO!


David said...

Sadly, Adolf, elections are no laughing matter.

You might think that having a comedian for POTUS is a good idea, but if so, surely Stephen Colbert or John Stewart would be funnier and safer.

Noel said...

There were petitions to stop Trump Visiting the UK as a nominee.
Imagine the slight if he becomes President.

The Veteran said...

Adolf made it clear his belief that Trump was not the ideal candidate ... better perhaps than Anon 8.46 fawning of 'Go Hillary Go' but not much better. I don't think Hillary could lie straight in bed and her prostituting herself for Saudi blood money for the Clinton Foundation just about sez it all.

For me Trump became persona non grata with his gratuitous attack on John McCain ... and this from someone who has never pulled on his countries uniform.

Have to say I'm probably aligned with David Farrar in wishing the Liberterian Party ticket of Governors Johsonn and Weld well in the election. Four years ago the Liberterian ticket of Johnson and Judge Gray scored 1.27 million votes, more than all the other 'minor' candidates combined. Can I suggest they will do a whole lot better this time round.

Angry Tory said...

TRUMP is gonna be great. And frankly if he nukes Wellington cos our pathetic govt won't let the US Navy visit, that'd be all to the good. He'll build a wall, jail Hillary, execute the terrorists (islamic state, black lives matter, greenpeace) etc. He'll drill, frack, and burn all the oil he can get, rebuild the economy the american way

Best of all TRUMP conceals-carrries when campaigning. perhaps he'll just short-circuit the mess of a US election with massive D"RAT voter fraud and just shoot Hltlery in one of the debates - that'd be the best gift ever for the Republic.

David & Fred2, hopefully TRUMP"s CIA will Predator you, that'll be a net gain for the US and for Humanity.

The Veteran said...

Folks ... is Angry Tory for real or just a bot with its memory card scrambled?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, about five or six years ago someone very like him used to write under a different name until he was banned from every blog in town. I'm trying to remember his name but it eludes me.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'Sinner' I think was the name.

David said...

Was it "Seeker of Sins"? I used to tangle with him at Smile City, all the while he didn't know we shared an office. :-)

I know he often lurked at WOBH and Kiwiblog, not sure he ever posted much there. Was a big fan of Ian Wishart (that tells you all you need to know)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No. Definitely Sinner. Renowned for the use of bold block capitals.

David said...

More positions than the Kama Sutra

"I know Hillary and I think she'd make a great president."
Donald Trump, March 13, 2008

Andrei said...

"More positions than the Kama Sutra"

Good grief David - political discourse in this age has become so moronic

(a) Peoples opinions change as time goes by in the light of changing circumstances and the march of history

(b) That statement which you haven't referenced because it is scuttlebutt which you haven't bothered to check is from eight years ago and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then including Hilary Clinton's disastrous tenure at the State Department

(c) If you went back to the source you would see he was discussing the possible democratic ticket for the 2008 election with Hilary Clinton on that ticket as either President or Vice President

Context is everything mate

Personally I think the whole business is a grotesque circus - a bunch of thoroughly unpleasant people seeking bragging rights and spend billions of dollars to get the gig.

Billions of dollars raised from "donors" who will expect a return on their investment

Such is the sorry state of American "Democracy" in the 21st century that half of the eligible voters wont even bother participating in the freak shoe