Thursday, May 5, 2016


It is a long held belief amongst the aware, that politicians at all levels and of all hues cease operating the faculty they received two of and place all their efforts on the organ they were blessed with one of.

They rapidly become immersed in the we know best culture and the voters are not as smart as pollies.

Over the months since 2016 ushered in the quadrennial circus that is the US presidential decision on the Tuesday in November, so far we have been watching the Primaries where the two who wish to carry the flag for the GOP Republicans and the Donks or Democrats the two main Parties will emerge and be blessed.

A seriously burdened by history, Hillary Rodham Clinton,  surprisingly still apparently the missus of Billy the philanderer, and an independent far left socialist have still a ways to go and Sanders was not even a Democrat until it became a requirement if he was to be their man, still scrabbling over the remaining primary votes to decide the Donks candidate.
It is almost certain that Hills will prevail unless one of her string of major balls ups places her beyond the reach of the delegates come convention time in July.

The GOP has it almost decided with a month to go as unless an event of the magnitude of the one that derailed the Troughmaster General's campaign to replace Bob, now Sir Bob Parker, as mayor of the village of the damned, strikes, it will be Donald Trump, a long time Democratic Party connected person, who will be the Republican Party candidate.

Confused, well one might be, as the party apparatchiks to a man/woman have done everything to derail the DON.
What they and the Media Party idiots have all railed against and failed to achieve  any diminishing of, is the voters "voice".

Ridicule, bias, false flags, denigration, smears and lies have failed to seriously dent the inexorable progress of Mr Trump of The Apprentice reality TV show fame, as he has seen off a veritable whos who of center right figures.
Senator Rand Paul, Governor Chris Christy, Carley Fiorino ex CEO of HP, fell before the circus truly commenced and were rapidly followed by a Dr Ben Carson, Early party favourite Jeb Bush, and his protégé as Governor of Florida Marcus Rubio, who all failed and  gave up, leaving Trump fighting it out with Evangelical Texan but widely disliked by many of the Republican establishment, Ted Cruz and a rather stubborn Governor John Kasich who's only vote success was in his home state.
Even a pathetic cry of anguish from the last defeated GOP hopeful, one Mitt Romney, for the establishment to do something, has sunk beneath the wave that is Trump

So it seems a stark choice for the "Elites" of the GOP,  swallow all the dead rats, largely of your own creation and support the voters who have in larger turnout numbers than ever previously given their support whether that is sensible or not to the candidate you most like to hate.
The alternative is a disaster even greater than the "man of Colour" who so successfully did a "Trump" eight years ago to the socialist left when he KOed the previously front running Hillary Rodham Clinton, portrayed by the Donks as gods gift.

How a nation of over 300 million souls can deliver such mediocre candidates to lead them is bad enough, failing to allow the voters choice to prevail hence leading to the almost certain demise of one of the two major parties would be a tragedy. The Media and the Party establishments need to start listening and shut up with their idealistic opinionated dreams.
Donald Trump is getting the people to collectively give the establishment the bird so maybe it is time to accept that reality.

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Ghost Of Greenwood said...

The political/media classes are slowly beginning to discover that trade deficits do matter, that free trade is not "free". The cost comes in dead factories, lost jobs, dying towns and the frustrations of an abandoned Middle America whose country it is and whose wages have stagnated for decades - that is why Trump and to a degree Bernie Lomax have had good support.

BTW, the Democrat system is rigged. Nurse Ratched is "winning" all of the super delegates even in states where Bernie wins the primary.