Monday, May 2, 2016


The masters of all knowledge spent 250 million bucks on  an initiative to raise numeracy and literacy in our education systems for a grand return of nothing, nada, zero as measured by outcomes.

They could have had an even greater zero had they thrown another 250 million down the toilet as measured by cost benefit.

Meanwhile three Private Partnership schools that the idiot 'Chippy' Hipkins will close as soon as he reaches the education ministers suite in the Beehive,  have been judged as very successful by the Education Review Office.

I am wondering why that $250 double triples achieved such an awesome fail.
Could the lack of any performance incentives for better teachers be a factor.
Could the union's suffocating grip on initiative and aspiration be a factor.
Could there actually be some schools that are condemned to fail be a factor.
Could the insertion of "Community Governance"  where the empowered are just not capable be a factor.

When for whatever reason a school is deemed by the Education Department, you know the one entity that is charged with the oversight of such  pivotal matters with the fulsome support of the NZEI lol, to be closed as best practice, who is at the van of the effort to oppose that move. Well all too often it is the Principal (NZEI) whose comfy little sinecure is at risk of ending.

Some children are capable of overcoming all the hurdles in place to thwart success but alas too many are for any number of reasons just too fragile and at risk to succeed in a substandard educational environment that is ordered sacrosanct from assessment and correction, leaving no surprises that the quarter of a million was apparently flushed.

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