Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I recall comic  scenes that became cartoon like, of dishevelled old men sporting sandwich boards walking pavements in some reference to the end of the world and today is another instance.

There was an old fable about a little boy who cried wolf, alarming the village until it became ignored due to many false alarms until one sad day there really was a wolf and said little boy was eaten.

Add in the many tales in my formative years where ogres, pirates, giants, wicked step mothers, bad sheriffs, thieves and vagabonds were a constant threat to the idyllic fantasy world children inhabited.

Plus there were the parables that emanated from the Ministry of Jesus with lessons and messages of how to be a better citizen.

Monday May 9th 2016 we are being bombarded with messages from sources that 'once upon a time' would equal many of the disasters that predicated the four scenarios above except there is only one "baddie" and a plethora of goodies masquerading as wannabe leaders, bringers of glad tidings, thespians acting out street theatre tragedies, and astride it all one John Doe.
No white steed, no message of hope, no over-riding saviour just a mess of pottage that because of one man,  the world as we know it will end tomorrow Tuesday the 10th of May.
The baddie is John Phillip Key, Jew, Banker, liar, mastermind, evil, incorrigible, and a threat to the people.
Strangely,  he has apparent support from around half the people he rules over,but that is in itself a myth as the basis of the figures that create that mirage are manipulated, selectively sourced and totally unreliable.
The truth is and if you doubt my assessment just ask Andrew Little, Penny Bright,  Martyn Martin Bradbury, Materia Turei, James Shaw, or any of the other poor wee lambs who are  being suffocated and stultified by the megalomaniac Nasty Bastard who single handedly stands between them and their unfulfilled desires to make the world  a better place, John Phillip Key must be gone by close of play tomorrow.

What the moronic rabble who are shrilling these already known and understood so called tales of "Tax Havens"  that are destroying the moral  fabric and reputation of NZ Inc, completely ignore is the very salient truth that to the entire world at large NZ has all the relevance of the Faroe Islands or even St Helena on the international stage.
Now come on how many could actually place a pin in a world map where either of those two outposts exist, and many could suggest both are mythical
The number of world citizens who give a monkeys testicle about NZ's reputation is close to zero in percentage terms while the demented KDS infected,  here in Gods Own are doing their very best to raise awareness, both here and overseas, Overseas don't care and NZ voters are turning off the whole charade in droves.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The denuemont of the great investigation is breaking on the Herald website.

"Panama Papers: Tauranga Bankrupt Maori Elvis impersonator linked to Iraqi oil scandal"

Yeah, I put in the bankrupt Maori bit. If he had been Chinese it would have been in 40 point bold.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sorry chaps - here's the link.


Mr Nippert now styles himself 'business investigations reporter.'

judging by this junk he couldn't investigate the menu at MacDonalds

JC said...

Imagine the uproar when Labour and the Greens find Greenpeace and Amnesty International in the Great Disclosure.


Anonymous said...

Exactly JC have heard the same and its not conceivable that Greenpeace with all their potential legal issues , haven tried up their money in hidden trusts.
Big issue will be that the Hagars of this world are only interested in taking down the , defenders of our way of life.

Anonymous said...

Now confirmed Green MP Mojo Mathers has overseas trust but in her opinion it's ok as she's just a beneficiary.
If overseas trusts are so evil and only for illegal purposes then I await her principled decision to public ally remove herself as a beneficiary and receiver of stolen goods

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh dear, oh dear!

You don't mean to say that after all that work and all that effort and all that co-ordination between journos and polies, the great bombshell ricocheted off three rocks and came back to explode fair in their guts?

I reckon John Ky must be paying Hagar.