Thursday, May 12, 2016


After two days of desperation from an impotent opposition trying to link the  PM to the stolen data base that is of no import, Key facing another inane effort from the sultans driver/gun for hire/SAS impersonator/onetime motor-pool frontman(person), Key managed to get himself tossed out for ignoring the Speaker on his feet.

Here is the News, New Zealand is not a Tax Haven, it is merely a safe,  prosperous, democratic state enjoying one of the safest profitable stable banking sectors in the world, and having a "Trust" regime that is open and under serious watch of our reasonably incorruptible Inland Revenue Department.
That said, of course corrupt people from here at home or other jurisdictions can and will make attempts to use that safe-haven and some will escape detection.
The lawful and legal system should not be accused of smears because thousands,  citizens and foreigners take entirely legal opportunities to protect legitimately acquired funds whether large or small  domiciled in NZ.

Of course the chorus of ineptitude that emanates from the ignorant whose only exposure to money comes in the form of 'OPMs' or taxes, rates and other largesse purloined from its creators by legislative power for those very same numpty troughers to pretend is free money, entitled funds  or as is usual misdirected spending that not only fails to deliver but is unrecoverable either by refund or benefit. To wit the apparent failure for the perennial scrooge bathing in levies taken under false pretences from hard working union members, the angry little man has so little to divulge either under his legal obligations of disclosure for MPs or his totally dead snapper production of  tax returns

 My take on what the PM said in the house was based on published analysis of the papers in the form of a 'data base' on the internet, he made no accusations about the embarrassing data or its 'names', merely repeated what the data revealed as published.

That Carter gave the PM  his exit strategy was only notable for the fact that it is difficult to imagine the Harridan aka Margaret Wilson doing similar to Ms Helen Elizabeth Clark when she had opportunity aplenty.
Mind you her 'finger nails on a blackboard'  impersonation was harder to miss than Carters efforts.


Psycho Milt said...

Here is the News, New Zealand is not a Tax Haven, it is merely a ...

...jurisdiction that offers foreigners a trust system that allows them to keep their finances concealed from authorities in their own countries and in NZ. How could anyone possibly mistake that for a tax haven?

alwyn said...

Margaret Wilson did kick Helen Clark out once.
The Speaker had announced that the next person to interject while a question was being asked would have to leave the house. Unfortunately it was a loud outburst from Helen that came next and Margaret couldn't get out of her dilemma. The glare she got from Clark should have left a little pile of ashes in the Speaker's chair.
To try and get back on Clark's good (least bad?) side she kicked Don Brash out a couple of minutes later. I think she was scared of the combined telling off she was going to get from H1 and H2 when she had to come out of the Chamber.
Margaret was very careful not to get into the same situation again. She developed a very deaf ear to anything coming from the PM's chair if it was un-parliamentary.
It was quite funny to see actually.

Pete said...

I felt as a taxpaying viewer I deserved compassionate leave.

If there was a problem it is in my view the gormless questions from James Shaw. The PM answered and answered again and again yet Shaw ploughed on pointlessly. The PM was in control and did well in the face of opposition time wasting efforts to score points.

The most relevant question was from David Seymour. Have the Greens asked about the Environment? Answer appears to be probably not much.

Anonymous said...

Is NZ a participant in the anti corruption conference in London?

UK and Holland to enact legislation to force all lawyers to reveal the beneficial owners of property who currently hide behind shell companies and foreign trusts. Same with ownership of of offshore the show pony doesn't like that.

Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

Is NZ a participant in the anti corruption conference in London?

Don't laugh, but NZ sent... wait for it... Judith Collins. I said don't laugh!

Anonymous said...

Sorry in the delay Mr Milt.......cornflakes went down the wrong way. Now will she be staying at the London High Commissions grace and favour accommodation or at the Ritz? Answers on a postcard.