Wednesday, May 25, 2016

She'd Know All About That

Fabricated evidence, that is.

Clark says allegations that she retaliated against a critical investigation of the UN by driving one of the investigators out of their job are "totally fabricated".

Just like the evidence used to discredit Police Commissioner Peter Doone.



Paulus said...

From my Cos in New York close to UN H1 and her H2 hatchet woman have made many enemies since she went to New York.
The cleaned our most of the department executive when they got there.

Sec Gen - my arse

alwyn said...

I am reminded of what Mandy Rice Davies said about Lord Astor.
Astor had denied ever having had anything to do with Mandy. When questioned about this at Stephen Ward's trial and about Astor's denial she responded
"Well, he would, wouldn't he?".
As far as Helen denying anything I can only suggest the equivalent.
"Well, she would, wouldn't she?".
For those of you who are young I suggest you ask your grand-parents about Mandy and Christine Keeler.

David said...

Half a pound of mandy Rice,
Half a pound of Keeler.
Put ém together and wot av you got?
A coupla sexy shielas

pdm said...

Old habits die hard and really she has got to the stage where she cannot help herself.