Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Whaleoil covers the suggested Christchurch City decision to call the increasing numbers of "beggars" who are converging on the minimalistic CBD centered around Ballantynes Dept Store, as "Buskers",  who under existing bylaws can be moved on after one hour of extortionate activity.

To all those who are perpetrating the "Myth" that The Panama Papers are destroying our international reputation, what do you say about the increasing numbers who are degrading themselves by begging on our streets?
In this world of welfare, that creates a security blanket for all, begging is just a blight,  bludgers being bloody minded
Where did the Laws of "Idle and Disorderly  with no visible means  of support " disappear to.

As an insomniac I use Radio to reduce stress from tinnitus and recently have been enduring Bruce Russell leading a charge for the Panama Papers to be used as a cudgel to beat up on the Prime Minister.
Sorry Bruce, I am certain that beggars on our streets for whatever reason is far more embarrassing and image destroying of our beautiful generous, caring country than any beltway issues around the  laws on foreign trusts will ever be and the reality is the begging is not necessary.


Rosie Adams said...

Yes I concur with your view about Bruce Russell on Newstalkzb. He is anti John Key with a passion. I have stopped listening to him.

Prior to the Panama papers he was leading the charge for no flag change. Listeners who share his intense dislike of John Key get to rant and rave for as long as they want. Opposing views get short shrift.

We have the power - press the off button whenever he is on air

Anonymous said...

Bet you don't Rosie, like this blog is anti-Little but everybody has a say.....extremism on either side of the political divide is interesting as it highlights the stupidity of both sides.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Rosie Adams said...

Bacon, calling Bruce Russell stupid because he has extreme leftie views is most unkind.

And you lost your bet - haven't listened to BRussell for quite sometime now.

Cheer up. We know N.Z. is not a tax haven so our reputation is intact. Put the Panama papers in the recycle bin on your way out.

Tamati said...

"Where did the Laws of "Idle and Disorderly with no visible means of support " disappear to"

In case this wasn't a rhetorical question, I&D without lawful means of support, vagrancy, loitering, rogues and vagabonds etc from the 1927 Police Offences Act didn't make it into the 1981 Summary Offences Act. Another goodie, "drunk and disorderly" which had a maximum penalty of a $20 fine didn't make it either along with obstruction of a footway, carriageway etc...Remember when every one went into town on a Friday night and Mr Plod would come along and warn the flagrant footpath obstructer to "desist" and "move along", and would warn that if he "persisted", he would be arrested...(I can)