Thursday, May 26, 2016


Acknowledgement to 'Barbados' at Port Douglas, Qld.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

But but but where are the greens? Otago University wankademics will not approve.

Last year (or was it the one before?) we holidayed in Cairns and I must say the variety of local fresh fish was outstanding.

The Veteran said...

Well the 'Pesto' was green.

Noel said...

Ok so theres protien,some ganishes and heaps of carbs.
The chips probably cooked in oil so the only fat would be the butter.

While you were away Harvard's study has reversed the fat thingy and carbs is the new no no.

Was a time when the ills of the world were considered a result of the environment.

Then the nutritionists took control of the science and it was turned to your fault because of your past choices.

But how do you make choices when the tossers can't agree on a basic hypothesis?

Eric said...

Is the dressing "thousand island"?

My favourite is "Marie Rose".

Lunch in the UK, Jacket Potato stuffed with Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce, takes some beating for me.

The Veteran said...

Eric ... 1,000 Island home made.