Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Labour or Labour? What's The Difference?

Hot on the heels of Andrew Little's Otara housing cluster**** comes the Ocker version from Shorten and Co.

The two parties must have only one playbook between them.  Or could it be that Matt McCarten is moonlighting for Labor as he knows Labour hasn't got a show in NZ?

Have a look at this and laugh.

"Bill Shorten has apologised to a medical centre on the NSW Central Coast after a Labor campaign event never eventuated.
The Hammond Road Medical Centre in Toukley was under the impression it was hosting the opposition leader and his heath spokeswoman Catherine King last week.
Instead they went to a medical practice in Wyong, where Mr Shorten announced Labor would lift a freeze on indexed Medicare rebates.
George Fermanis, who manages the Hammond Road centre, says the clinic went to great lengths to organise the event, including catering, cancelling bookings and clearing the car park.
They expected to hold the event right up until the 10am start but were left stunned when nobody showed up.
“Nothing happened, not even a phone call or a common courtesy” Mr Fermanis told AAP.
“We are pretty pissed.
“If this is how he (Mr Shorten) feels about general practice and small business maybe he should stay on the other side.”"

That'll teach the bloody dumb socialist medicos to leave politics alone and stick to healing their patients.

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