Monday, May 30, 2016

I'd Like To See Them Try

Labour, that is.

I'd like to see them try to close down Charter Schools because they'll be up against some very impressive opposition.

This, just in from the ACT Party newsletter.

Realising the potential of every child

E Tipu e Rea supports existing, new and prospective Partnerships Schools | Kura Hourua
to help them deliver outstanding educational opportunities for their students

The board includes the following eminent New Zealanders:

Rob McLeod,  Dame Jenny Gibbs,  Michael 'Iceman' Jones, Ken Rapson, Bruce Ritchie and Dame Tariana Turia.

All strength to their arms, I say.

Forgot to add - I wonder when Labour's insane opposition to charter schools will start to erode its party vote among Maori?  Has it done so already?  David Farrar, where are you?


pdm said...

Given the erosion of Labour's support in recent times is there any remaining in Maoridom or are Labour supporters now limited to Union delegates and captured MP's?

Noel said...

The Education (Charter Schools Abolition) Amendment Bill 2016 (Member’s Bill) was presented in April.

"they'll be up against some very impressive opposition."

Not really. Just a lot of waffle from all sides during the First, Second and Third Readings.