Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How To Really Upset Leftoids

If only I knew how to do a reverse hack and send the following briefing notes to every Labour and Greens member in NZ.   Almost as good as telling them the Key dynasty will govern NZ for the next twenty-five years.

"Good afternoon
At 2pm tomorrow, Finance Minister Bill English will be delivering the National-led Government’s eighth Budget in Wellington.
Budget 2016 builds on the good progress we’ve made so far. It will focus on investing in a growing economy, supporting our most vulnerable people who need it most, and paying down debt.
Here’s your briefing note ahead of tomorrow’s Budget, with five points you should know:
  1. More than 200,000 jobs have been created over the past three years – that equates to around 180 new jobs every day.
  2. New Zealand has the third highest employment rate in the developed world.
  3. We’re on track for annual economic growth of about 3 per cent for the next few years.
  4. We’re also on track for rising surpluses and falling debt – we were one of the first developed countries to be back in surplus after the global financial crisis when we posted a surplus of $414 million last year.
  5. Budget 2016 will contain $1.6 billion in new spending. We’ve already announced funding for more lifesaving drugs, emergency housing, and to support our thriving tourism sector.
This year’s Budget will further advance our work to support a strong, growing economy. It’s only through a strong, growing economy that we’re able to create more jobs, lift wages and deliver better public services to those who need them most.

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