Monday, May 2, 2016


Farrar notes that foreign fishing vessels fishing NZ waters are banned from May 1st.

I was under the impression that the gifting to Iwi of quota was with the intent they would develop the exploitation of the resource to increase involvement of the Iwi beneficiaries, sort of trickle down if you will.
No that was beyond their model they just called in cheap poorly managed foreign flags with third world crews to catch "their" fish while the idle sat on their arses, this is the promised land

lets renegotiate the whole shomozzle and if they want someone else to catch and land "their" traditional rights they give it to a NZ citizen with the urge to make a difference to get out of bed and go to sea.

That said some of the tales of woe from contracted mongs did raise some disquiet.


Noel said... that a term for Indian Giver?

Gerald said...

Gee yah full of it when you stretch a story to something it isn't.
Foreign vessels have not been banned. They have to reflag to New Zealand so they can be held accountable under New Zealand laws when fishing in New Zealand waters.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gerald you are dancing on a pin head. If they are re flagged they are no longer foreign.

And you might remember blog manners by refraining from insulting your blog host.

Here's the headline from Kiwiblog:-

Foreign flagged fishing ships now banned

I suggest you take your smartarse comments over there and see how long you last.

Anonymous said...

Obviously your grasp of Maritime law is as shaky as your faux outrage Flinkie.

Reflagging a ship does not alter ownership, trading profits, limit the resale or reflagging to another country in the future. All it means is that you must abide by the maritime regulations of that country. I deliberate reflagged my NZ yacht to the UK for mooring advantages.

You really should study he subject before playing the bully boy

Dodger....NZ never had the boats or capacity to fish in the southern oceans. There was no yard capable of building a ship of such size or complexity in NZ. A CHCH firm built one in Norway and but it is an expensive operation and I'm not sure it was profitable in the end.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut. Yes. Al it means is that they no longer are completely foreign. Get over yourself.

Gerald said...

Now whose dancing on the pin head?

Anonymous said...

What lovely people in the present govt. What absolute treasures, makes you proud to be a New Zealander.

Labour and the Unions have been trying to do something about the god awful conditions that these poor men work under on minimal pay, if any, for years but were always stymied by the big bucks.

Now the Key, I cannot bring myself to address him by his title, is telling us that it's a huge humanitarian gesture by this caring sharing Govt.