Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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David said...

The Tea Party and the evangelicals have torn asunder the GOP. Now, for whom shall they vote?

The most religious candidate left is Hilary Clinton.

Instead of winning the White House, the GOP will now most likely lose the Senate and possibly also the House. Many Red states will turn Blue. And all because the party became infested by ideological puritans.

The GOP needs to do some cleaning of its stables, remove the white anters, the haters and the wreckers and return to true Conservative principles.

They cannot remove Trump, but they can still exert some control over him by helping him accept a safe VP, not a washed up has been like Chris Christie, Ben Carson or or any of the other "God told me to run" losers. They are choosing not just the VP, but if Trump wins, they are also choosing the next POTUS as I can't see Trump lasting the course.

Trump still thinks that America is a business and the the POTUS does deals in isolation, without heed to Congress or the Supreme Court. As soon as he discovers he has very little power on his own, he'll be out of there to make "more, bigger, better deals" to have more of his suits made in China, more of his ties made in Mexico and the job will be left to whoever took the poisoned chalice of VP.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A bit contradictory there, aren't you David?

It is very same evangelicals and tea partiers you deride who have the conservative principles for which you call.

David said...

Not contradictory at all, Adolf old chum.

True Conservative principles are not grounded in shutting down the government a la Cruz and his backers. True Conservative principles are not grounded in "God said it I believe it that settles it" bumperstickerism masquerading as policy, nor are they grounded in teaching creationism as a scientific fact.

True Conservatism is not denying women abortions and contraception and then excoriating them as "welfare queens" when they are unable to support the children they were forced to birth.

True Conservatives are not climate change deniers, they are climate change skeptics who understand the meaning of skeptic.