Monday, May 30, 2016


until the massive contribution of men and economic resources from the previously neutral United States of America, tipped the scales against Kaiser Bill's military industrial complex, well away from the front lines where thousands of soldiers were slaughtered daily.
Ordinary soldiers killed in mind boggling military tactics that only served to prove Einstein's theory that had 'insanity' described as doing the same stupid thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome.

As the Media Party launch fruitless attacks at the Key forces in efforts that mirror the pointless "over the Top" trench warfare of WW1 it seems that only history might reveal the abject failure to the socialists.

Over a decade of failure to land anything other than superficial wounds, the socialists and their media allies still cant grasp the scope of their ineptitude.

Personal attacks on Key figures in the National party, unless revealing genuine lapses in  standards set by the leader, as in Richard Worth's case, all have had the threat of a grenade with no charge to explode. The "dummy" replicas had only the potential to bruise and/or cause abrasions.

NZLP President, Mike Williams spent precious Party funds on a search of Company  records in Melbourne where the massive exposed failures of  Elders Finance destroyed careers, in a failed commando raid that was going to lead to evidence that could have Helen Clark's emerging nemesis shot at dawn after a summary kangaroo court verdict.
Another gross failure was the pathetic attempt to make Minister Judith Collins efforts on behalf of NZ Inc with a brief visit to the China offices of Orivida where here husband works in the Dairy Export field,  somehow suspect.
The dairy sector  that was the major contributor to NZ Inc's successful  navigation through the terrible weather that was the Global Financial Crisis, J C's actions could only be helpful in the, often strange to westerners, strategic thinking of our new found Asian inscrutable economic partners.

Over the eight years that Team John Key has guided the NZ economy in ways that has the rest of the developed world watching on in awe, the socialists bereft of any other strategy apart from increasing or introducing taxes to enable further bribing of an ignorant electorate with the mirage of "free" stuff. Such illusory smoke and mirrors creations that increasing numbers of net taxpayers are learning is just their hard earned money being converted from productive to wasteful  via the always counter-productive churn that is bureaucratic manipulation of government revenue collection and disbursement.

In the last two days more ineffectual skirmishes have been launched by the Herald Battalion commanders. First in the Weekend Herald where it was headlined that Max Key had celebrated his 21st birthday at "THE PARNELL MANSION" of his dad, Who would have thought a man who  emerged from the world of International Finance with purported accumulated wealth in excess of fifty million dollars, might have chosen to buy a nice house in Parnell. Shucks that would be a first eh.
Has that same bunch of inept morons who make up the general staff of The Herald Battalion, ever described Mayoral aspirant, pretending to be no more a NZLP Party hack but the man for all, one Phil Goff, who has always offered the mirage he is one of his Mt Roskill workers, only to have it seen as the utter BS it really is. While  the very pertinent truth that Returning Troops Spitter, ex long haired layabout who has never held a real job in his entire miserable life of mediocrity, actually lives on a rambling "Country Estate" amongst the tree adorned spacious rural regions of greater Auckland.

Then this morning as the head liner for the NZH Battalion News, in its online edition, has a montage of three photos laid out for maximum potential damage in another instalment of the KDS doctrine.
First a photo of Kim Dot Com, convicted criminal of Finnish origin, German citizenry, fugitive from Hong Kong, and now under threat of deportation from NZ to The US to face Federal criminal charges. The same plonker who attempted with allies in the MSM to corrupt and manipulate the NZ electoral system for his judicial and pecuniary advantage but failed spectacularly when the voters of Te Tai Tokerau were mobilised to defeat his Judas Goat, Hadfield.
Second photo, a China citizen, Zhau Wu Shen alleged to be a major national donor to the National party,  not pictured but identified as Shen's best mate, one Bill Lu,  not revealed until deep in the orders of the day,  the much more shadowy figure who donated to the NZLP,  if anyone knows how much dosh, via cash collections in buckets that were never attributed to anyone, at dinners in an Auckland Restaurant.
Funny that the cash that reached the coffers of the NZLP  unsourced but effective and legally  "clean" while the entirely legal and declared money from Shen was documented, declared by National officers and in the public domain, was somehow 'bad'.
Then the third picture of the Montage, the Prime Minister to create the entirely fabricated "hit job".

If only Lance Corporal Savage could apply his obvious journalistic skills to reporting and back grounding the news instead of his pathetic pursuit of  this latest politically biased rubbish as used this morning in another failed raid across "no mans land". It may  even be just be possible for his witterings to be acknowledged as journalism, something that clearly is not the case at present. Then he might also begin a turnaround for his declining prospects as an employee of APN by making a start in the hoped for rejuvenation of NZ print media with the looming consolidation in the sector.

I wont hold my breath though, I think the dumbarses who are running the General Staff for The Little Army still think they will eventually succeed.

Incidentally, at present on tour and came upon a midweek edition late last week and the larger weekender yesterday (stolen from an absent neighbours driveway next door to present location by arrangement), to discover that the opprobrium that has been heaped on the pathetic efforts totally understated the magnitude as to how far the once great paper has fallen. The online edition masks that decline admirably, clearly deception and camouflage still has a place in ad hoc military  forces.


Paulus said...

Enjoy the present newspaper crap because it will not be around much longer.

I do not take the dreadful Herald but my local coffee house does - it takes some three minutes to dissect such terrible rubbish, and I do not pay for it.

Going behind a firewall will lead to their demise much sooner.

Go for it -but I am afraid that the female doyens of the Press Gallery, will do "anything" like compromise any MP/Minster to survive. Learnt from the News of the World - how to do anything to survive.
Bradford, Du Plessis and of course the Queen of deception Andrea Vance, close friend of compromised Boofhead and Hager the horrible.

Noel said...

Going behind a firewall.

I don't class myself a internet savvy but I'm sure Adolfs favoured Australian doesn't use one.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, you're right. You are not savvy.

I subscribe to the online edition for a mere $1 per day - or thereabouts.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

BTW, I think I read somewhere that online subscriptions for this first class publication now number over 100,000.

Noel said...

"I subscribe to the online edition for a mere $1 per day"

So you break down the P A Y W A L L for a dollar.

Having a slow day Adolf or just in haste to defend Paulu's gaff?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes I must be having a slow day. Not sure what you mean by Paulus' gaff(e).

Oh - NOW I get it. Funny thing is my eyes saw 'fire' but the brain heard 'pay.'

All to do with context. Anyway, that excuse will do for now.