Tuesday, May 31, 2016


A mythical Scottish town that awakens for one day every 100 years  was called Brigadoon.

With Mr EPMU betrothed to Material Girl from the McGillicuddy Serious Party, a fairy tale is born and serious analysis suggests they may awaken perhaps every hundred years.
With Annette as Matron of honour and Best man Shaw wondering if he could be somewhere else, cringe worthy hardly seemed adequate.

What will the dopey right of centre GP supporters do now the evidence is graphically signalled that the union, pun intended, is the dominant driver of the socialists policy and candidate selection processes.
Totally blinkered and labouring, another pun, under the false impression that The Melons primarily believe that the environment is paramount even though the truth is they are far left socialists who have embraced the Green cloak for electoral success..
Together they have abandoned the middle ground that Helen Clark and then John Key occupied as the only way to power in NZ under our chaotic MMP system that allows morons who don't have to convince more than around 10/15% if the voters across the nation to enable them to reach the Parliament.

Peters will be puzzling how to get the chaos to where he can do another act with two phones only this time he will need Red, Green, his own  Black and white and possibly the racists red black and white one, a political group that he has been doing his best to alienate in recent times.

Farrar has it right the whole mirage is nothing new except that now the illustrated pictorial news is there for all to see the reality that many fringe GP voters have ignored for years.

Interesting times indeed.


Noel said...

Interesting indeed.
Ironically Little is probably one of the few people with enough experience in getting diverse groups of people working together.

Anonymous said...

This could only happen in Kazakhstan or NZ. C'mon lads give the govt a bit of stick on this one.


Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

C'mon Egbut ... I know all's fair in luv and war but to suggest that someone choosing to absent oneself from the National Party caucus (where he doesn't have a vote) when matters on which he MAY have an interest is somehow something untoward is, I think, pushing the barrow even for you.

So in your lexicon the gold standard to be applied would have it that Corbyn and Little should absent themselves from their respective caucus meetings when matters concerning Unions are discussed ... give me a break. Don't know too much about POM Labour but, if applied back here, the Labour caucus would be hard pushed to fit inside a Spark telephone booth.


Anonymous said...

I think Little and Teletubby think that combining will see their polling combine to make about 40%. I hope that is not the case and pray that the faithful comrades in both camps are offended enough by this treason to change their voting pattern leading to a reduction for both in isolation, and thereby in total, making these dangerous morons irrelevant.


pdm said...

3.16 - they might be lucky to get 30% between them. Voters seem to be leaving labour in droves from the texts to Mike Hoskings this morning and it is hard to see the Green Vote growing from this move.

Paranormal said...

Little has made a strategic blunder joining with the Greens. The Greens have nowhere else to go and joining with them alienates potential other partners.

Mind you, at least little Liabour are consistent in their blundering...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

When all the left wings luvvies in the press gallery pronounce the 'agreement' a triumph for John Key, you know Labour is kaput.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you did not take on board the main thrust of the article veteran......

Does not running with the hare and the hounds ring a bell.. Lets award compliance checking of the fishing industry to a company owned by...drum roll.....the fishing companies. If this considered normal practise in NZ then I am really out of step. In the interests of balance it would be nice if you devoted a piece to this subject instead of sighing when things get sticky.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Who else actually is capable of doing the job? Your friends in the Argentinian Navy?

Anonymous said...

It was the lowest tender...wonder why?

Why do you comment on things you have only the vaguest idea about......do you like the sound of your own keyboard? One day you will astound the net and post something that is relevant, true and interesting. Meanwhile the 1000 monkeys are busy typing Shakespeare.

Lord Egbut Nobacon .

gravedodger said...

Hey legbut, howabout you srop slacking and ger back to the other 999 you have abandoned.

Gerald said...

Aint life wonderful when you ponit out the one who bursts into short irrelevent post to be challanged by one who uses 5000 words when 50 will do.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodbye Legbut