Wednesday, May 11, 2016

As I Was Saying

A day or two ago I commented to the effect that Trump was looking in pretty good shape to knock over Clinton - if he could just do a little to appear more of a statesman than a showman.  I should have added that his choice of a vice presidential running mate might have some influence as well.

Here's an interesting snippet from today's news trawling.

" What ought to have Hillary and the DNC looking nervously over at the panic button is the exit poll finding that 44 percent of Bernie voters say they will vote for Trump if Bernie is not the nominee."

Crooked Hillary may be about to find that it takes more than a few billion dollars and a world beating capacity for lies and treachery to win an election.

It's worth repeating that I'd have preferred some candidate other than Trump as nominee but he is far and away preferable to the God awful, appalling Clinton.


Anonymous said...

You can drag up any polls you like but, in the immortal words of Jim Bolger, "Bugger the polls". Hillary is in the box seat and will get the Democratic nomination and will beat Trump in November. When the chips are down and when they are on their own in the polling booth a registered Democrat will never vote for a COP candidate particularly one like Trump. Indulge yourself in wishful thinking as much as you like but Hillary will be the next Pres of the US. !!! GO HILLARY !!!

Anonymous said...

My own poll shows there is 66% chance that I'm playing tennis and going down the pub today. However my wife is building a rock garden.........what is my 66% worth???

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And further today from PJMedia

"Republican parties in 11 states held their conventions this weekend and at almost every turn, the party leadership fell in behind presumptive nominee Donald Trump while urging the rank and file to unite to support him."