Sunday, April 17, 2016


When Kelvin Davis went up against Hadfield I welcomed what seemed a hell of a better option, how I was disappointed.

This apparently white enough to be non Maori regular bloke seemed the answer to everyone who wanted better  things for those on struggle street in the North. Toss in a couple of predictions that he was the future of Maoridom and even a potential possible NZLP leader and I and many others were hoodwinked.
With the 'Hydra from Hell' financed by a Finnish overstayer that gathered assorted moronic far left coat tailers in a massive bribery and corruption assault on democracy  that all depended on Hadfield holding Te Tai Tokerau,  Kelvin  Davis was indeed the White Knight.
Truth was he was just another big ego who knew nothing else apart from a State Funded  Sinecure in any guise available

Many overlooked or maybe chose to ignore, Kel was a Maori, a school teacher, an imbedded socialist and as time passes just another dumb union supporter in the moron(ey) mode. Sheesh some even mused if Kel was in the right party.

He reached his zenith in spite of scrutiny that accompanies a new MP, and in the case of socialists that is very complementary and consists largely of whitewash, by going up against the "shock horror" of inmates in a remand facility apparently enjoying an extension of their inherent thuggery  by indulging in a "fight Club" at the Mt Eden remand facility.
That it was run by Serco, a UK based contractor was incidental if what was published in the MSM was to be accepted at face value.
Of course with the passage of time where other acts of violence and self harm have manifested as deaths and maimed in State run facilities that just happen to be under the jurisdiction of Unionised PSA members, are all but ignored.
The truth has emerged for all but the most retarded due to Kel's crusade ending at the gates of Serco run Prisons.
Whaleoil has a very serious condemnation for "Good old boy Kel" who has to be just another failure for Nga Puhi to ever gain any sort of transition to successful New Zealand citizenry c21st century.

Proof indeed you can fool some of the people some of the time, but_ _ _ _?

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Anonymous said...

Alas, all true except you forgot to mention that Hadfield would have been worse, much worse. Heaven help us if these are valid choices for representing anything of value.