Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Viv Forbes at the 'Pickering Post' has a happy knack of expressing cogent demolitions of the current frantic diatribe emanating from so called educated minds and political opportunists up to their armpits in hypocrisy.
This one is right up there.

Any self styled Greenie intent on saving the planet needs a daily dose of Forbes before breakfast and be kept in solitary confinement sans all contact with the real world until they can score a modest 75% in a test paper on what Viv actually wrote.
If they struggle with the concept of Nuclear energy being the only viable source to extend humanity's lust for a better lifestyle while doing the very best for the environment then they should shoot their foot until it hurts as that is how thinking people beyond the seductive rewards from parroting the current garbage around the use of fossil fuels see the whole global warming/climate change/ peak oil/ peak coal rort that the avaricious power seekers are attempting to foist on a naïve world.

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