Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The increasingly temporary leader of Her Majesty's Loyal opposition in a "dead snapper moment", challenges the extraordinarily successful pre politics Prime Minister to a "show me yours inanity"  just because the little man has nothing to hide when the truth is he has spent his whole working  life of some 35 years achieving an embarrassing big fat zero.

Similarly the most effective NZLP MP by a country mile Deputy Dog, in her weekly Politics Wednesday spot with Hosking, when challenged on her Pecuniary Interest disclosure admitted "She was the most boring candidate for such a reveal".
The reality was she along with almost every career Socialist Politician has risen to a greatness never likely in any other field and continues to enjoy unimaginable riches  that will end when they leave.
Gee does anyone need an IQ greater than their waist line to understand that such uninspiring low achievers will have bugger all to put on their annual revelation.

Last night Corin Commie Dann was almost beside himself with  revelations that Mr Keys ' Lawyer was involved in Trust formation and advice and John  Key had a deposit in his Trust Account.
Had the moron  any residual credibility as a Journo he might have worked out, that when a property is sold in London there might have been a payment on its way to the Prime Minister that needed to travel via the Lawyers Trust Account.
Noooo Commie had that as incontrovertible evidence that Teflon John was involved in money laundering at the very least.

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