Saturday, April 23, 2016


Many of you will have driven across ANZAC Bridge in Sydney.   There is another, much older, ANZAC Bridge just outside Ekatahuna in the Wairarapa opened in 1922 to commemorate the sacrifice of men from the Mauriceville County.   You can see the bridge from SH2 a couple of kilometers south of the town.

In 1914 the population of the County was just 847.   There are six names on the memorial.   Reflect if you will the huge impact of the loss of those six men on that small farming community.   Was one of those men a potential All Black or a farmer leader or a captain of industry.   We will never know.   The same loss was repeated up and down New Zealand and Australia.   No community was left untouched.

There is no glory in war.   Instead we remember those who served and those who are serving.   But especially we remember those who never came back.

Least we forget.



The Realist said...

Well said Vet
War is definitely a spectator sport.

Gnr39 said...
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Gnr39 said...

The bridge was built by Alfred Falkner, a local farmer and engineer - he put the rail from Wellington to the Wairarapa and the rail through the Manawatu Gorge. The bridge was an unusual engineering feat, and held the main road for decades - it is made only of concrete - no reinforcing steel.
His son is on the memorial - killed on Hill 60 at Gallipoli and his nephew - DK Pallant - killed on the Daisy Patch. Snell was also related by marriage. Alfred Falkner was my great grandfather.