Monday, April 4, 2016


Ashburton District Council has sold a bit of dirt known as section 9.

Nothing much of note in that except section 9 comes with a water right that runs until 2045.
When totalled that adds up to an astonishing  40 billion litres.
Now that sounds scary and if the destination of that water when bottled and sold is divulged  as China, then it becomes a nightmare that a disingenuous polly might latch onto should they be so inclined.
From an aquifer under the Canterbury Plains it is probable the water is pretty dam good but the truth is that water almost as good flows to sea  25kms north at a mean flow of  200 000 litres a second 24/7 every day.
When it rains in the ranges the Rakaia can deliver in excess of five thousand cubic meters of water a second into the Pacific Ocean, that is 5 000 000 litres a SECOND.
Sir Mark Solomon and his 'special tax exempt people are miffed and other ignorant ijits are up in arms.  Some perspective please


alwyn said...

You are a bit out with your figures.
The average flow in the Rakaia is 203 cubic metres/second.
That is 203,000 litres/second, not the mere 20,000 you have nominated.

gravedodger said...

Ta alwyn corrected, cudda proofed beta, posted from smart fone, ran outa time.