Sunday, April 10, 2016


In fact for the Two time loser who converted New Plymouth from a Labour 'hold' to National with a 10 000 majority, it will be a cold day in hell.

1 Colmar Brunton drops the hint to "Cardy"  that Andy might be in trouble.

2 National tack away from the rocks at 50%.

3 The Media Party fails to generate any movement in the polls for the Government fulfilling an election plank over the flag that cost $26 million leaving the status quo.

4 The Leader of the opposition falls behind the Master Opposition exponent.
Little 7% preferred PM,  Peters on 10%.

5 Key loses less than the margin of error in a drop from 40% to 39%.

6 Labour drops 4% to 28% and the Unions replaced David "Two Fish" Shearer for holding at 33%  after concerted white anting of Robbo and Silent T.

7 The Melons only got 1% of Labour's drop !!

8 Inexplicably but as an expression as to how low things have sunk "Cindy"  has benefitted from the glossies attempts to promote another "nothing between the ears"  as an opposition possible  on 2% Preferred PM. Totally explained though when the Melons get 10% of the electorate vote

9  I seriously want Little to stay and the Clark precedent says that is a viable option for the NZLP.

10  How long can our democracy survive with the seriously deficient opposition and how much longer before enough see what MMP is  really delivering.

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