Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not Another Pandemic?

A new disease is ravaging the Australian population.

Symptoms include depression, continual waves of nausea and, in etreme cases, etended bouts of diarrhoea.  In other words, it makes people sick and it gives them the shits.

So far, reported cases have been limited to members of the Liberal Party.

The disease?


BTW I think he will lose the unlosable election. 

While Abbot made some gaffes and put in place sound policy, Turnbull makes no gaffes and has no policy.

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Angry Tory said...

Abbott was a fool in that he didn't go anywhere nearly fast enough and hard enough.

There is still an Australian Labor Party, the ABC, vast tax-payer funded left-wing cesspools in universities etc, the unions. Hell even with open and blatant corruption, in the end Abbott did nothing. He had a chance to go in super-hard. He bottled it.

The ruination of Australia will be the result.