Friday, April 29, 2016


The media and their heros among the socialists are in a feeding frenzy similar to that revealed when the workers toss the meal into the salmon cages.

John Key's "personal" lawyer is involved on the edge of the "Panama papers".

Jack Tame sitting in this week for Hosking on leave, refers to those who invest in 'trusts' for whatever reason as "the sneaky keeping their wealth from the Taxman".

The reason many of the so called wealthy keep their wealth, "little johnnie green with envy" is because they are very careful and almost all are legal as the penalties for illegal can be crippling.

In the middle of last century I had a very modest little nest egg from sneaky behaviour where I put every pound, half crown, florin, shilling and even sixpence,  threpence and penny into first the Post Office and then when real riches came along in the form of ten pounds a week in wages, into "government stock" where I was rewarded for my generousity with 3.5% pa interest.

A few years passed and I ventured into farm ownership and cashed the resulting bonds.
Someone had been a very naughty boy and the taxman came after him for  omiting to give them their pound of flesh, hell I had already given the bastards almost free use of my savings, but that wasn't enough.

Another sneaky man nearly a quarter of a century later was to be seen continually circling the rubbish bins in central Masterton with cruddy pannier bags on an old bike and scrabbling the empty drink cans for scrap.
When that very private loner passed, his very modest council flat miles from the town center, was discovered to be crammed with a significant collection of fine porcelain and very expensive high quality hand tools that took several clearance sales in Percy's Auction Rooms to dispose of.

A rather ordinary man with a hair lip studied and becaame a very ordinary economist, he and his missus bred a rather above average son who through a series of very astute moves ended up selling an "E" trading enterprise to an international media  player for more millions than seemed possible.
Sam was a smart entrepreneur but a good portion of his dosh ended up with his very average sire.
Now the idiot media think breeding an exceptional son qualifies the hairlipped one as a "go to guru" on matters economic and I have never heard a word of critiscism as to how he accumulated his fortune, yet because Sams dad gives credible support to the socialists he is somehow immune from being designated a "rich prick".
Apparently John Key who amassed a fortune in 20 years of extrordinary hard work in  one of the most hazardous and fraught arenas can find no way to any form of amnesty from his success.
His fucking lawyer for gawds sake.
I sincerely hope his gardener never name drops that he trims Mr Key's Borders!!!

Jack you are Tame by name but pathetic by nature.


Howie said...

Yeah, I mean the PM's personal dodgy lawyer gets on the blower to the PM and the review into the dodgy lawyering gets magically shitcanned. Move on, nothing to see here.

The Veteran said...

Yeah Howie ... I agree with you ... move on, nothing to see here. All politicians get lobbied all of the time. I am currently lobbying the PM (and the Minister) on a matter relating to Veteran's pensions with the PM referring me back to the Minister ... exactly the advice given his lawyer. I mean in your mob the Unions only have to say jump and Andrew sez 'how high'. For the Greens and any supposed danger to snails sends them into lobbying overdrive.

If we are to believe the report (and there is no reason not to) the PM was up front. No, he wan't aware of any moves to change the regime and to go and speak with the Minister concerned. He did and as it transpired the IRD had been looking at the issue but decided there was no great net benefit to NZL in changing the rules put in place by Labour.
Good call.

Those suffering from acute KDR point to the danger to NZL's reputational risk by not changing the rules. Can I invite you to look no further than the World Corruption Index ratings. NZL in the top four (behind only Denmark, Finland and Sweden) where it has been since 1990 ... haven't bothered to look back further. Some risk.

Howie said...

"I am currently lobbying the PM (and the Minister) on a matter relating to Veteran's pensions with the PM referring me back to the Minister ... exactly the advice given his lawyer."

Did you name drop the PM personally, get a meeting the next week and an almost instant result? No? What terrible access and influence you have.

Psycho Milt said...

I am currently lobbying the PM (and the Minister) on a matter relating to Veteran's pensions with the PM referring me back to the Minister...

Did your conversation with the PM lead you to believe you'd be justified in writing to the Minister that the PM had backed the view you're lobbying for, and that he feels the Minister should make time for you and other interested parties to fill the Minster in on the merits of your case? And is your relationship with the PM such that the Minister would then promptly write to their department telling it the Minister doesn't want to hear anything from the department that would oppose your view? Because, otherwise, your example isn't relevant.

Noel said...

On past examples what comes out of political processes is different to the perception of Veterans.
Example been the adoption of the RMA Sops after much footdragging by the RSA.
Once accepted instead of been fairly positioned against the spirous Presumptive List the applicant must agree to review of previously accepted conditions using the new AMA measures.

Anything the Pollies devise will have a sting.

Mind you Veterans could default to another retrospective bauble which would really save the taxpayer heaps.