Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Maybe MMP Isn't So Bad After All

Adolf has been reflecting on the many commenters who decry MMP and long for a return to First Past The Post.

Be careful what you wish for and consider the South Australian experience with FFP.

The last state election (Proportional representation and FFP) produced a hung parliament.  So, the Labour leader approached the skulduggerous traitor who was the recently deposed inept leader of the Liberal Party and offered him a cabinet seal if he would defect and join the Labour Party.

The traitor did just that and secured the treaury benches for Labour.

Never mind that the Libs got 53% of the vote and Labour only 48%. (from memory)

Such an outrage never could have happened under MMP.

Now you know why Adolf has not renewed his membership of the Liberal Party.  How could you work for an outfit which which was dumb enough to elect such a prick ass its parliamentary leader?


Angry Tory said...

Yeah but the solution to that kind of problem is to ban the Labor party and any allies, not switch to MMP!

I think the Italian or Greek system is the best: FPP, plus a block of say 10-20% of seats just given to the party that wins the most electorates. No chance of a hung parliament, decisive government.

Look at Austria and Poland and TRUMP for the future of real Democracy in the West.

Noel said...

Only thing wrong with MMP is that we allowed politicians to manipulate it and remove the original intent that it would bring consensus decision making to the table.

Eric said...

The two systems cannot be used as a tool for one to discredit the other.

In golfing terms FPP is Match Play and MMP is stroke play. If you are playing one, the other is immaterial.

The beauty of FPP is that the Electorate can dismiss poor performers. It also means that the incumbent MP represents "all" constituents, regardless of their political beliefs. MMP permits unaccountable no-bodies to push a minority agenda to the exclusion of everything else.