Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The Great Wannabe is on the skids.

Malcolm Turnbull managed to fool enough of the 'wets' in the Aussie Liberal Party in 2007 following the routing of John Howard by the slick if somewhat deficient Rudd outfit, to lead the Liberals
Two years later when Turnbull's lefty views brought him into conflict with the conservative rump, in the main over his support for carbon emissions cons, Tony Abbott defeated him by one vote for leadership of the larger opposition party.
Now those "wets" should have been smashed but they did not see the reality that their champion was in fact a twice failed Labour candidate, denied in preselection because as a successful merchant banker he had zero "Union" backing, almost essential for preselection for the ALP.
So Mal then decided to try and fool enough Libs to become the MP for the Federal seat of Wentworth, a venture that ended successfully.

After his narrow defeat by Abbott, Mal was going to leave politics but in a change of mind stayed on and when  Abbott did something many thought Turnbull incapable of and defeated a by then totally dysfunctional Rudd,  Gilliard, Rudd "trainsmash" that had been hanging by a thread with support from ex Libs Slipper, Windsor with Tasmania independent Wilkie plus the by then disgraced NZ born ex Union apparatchik Craig Thomson tossed out of the ALP had the numbers including Green Bandt for confidence and supply.

After Abbotts successful substantial win, albeit accompanied with a failure to gain a Senate majority, efforts to clean up the mess created by a succession of Swan surpluses that under the avalanche of socialist overspend only became ever larger deficits were thwarted and throughout the Abbot two years Malcolm "Turncoat" ran a very destructive termite operation and when polls indicated difficulties ahead challenged for the Liberal leadership that when successful, replaced Tony Abbott as PM.

There is a list of suspects who made up the fifty or so who sent Tony Abbott to the back benches and now those traitors and cowards, many who  Abbott had delivered to Canberra are beginning to reap their rewards.
Some are facing serious challenges in preselection from conservative on the ground members, some have seen the writing on the wall and announced their departure, but many are now facing electoral oblivion as their white knight is revealed as a lazy pile of slick talking "Gobshite".

On preferences (STV), the Australian Labor Party has overtaken the Liberal Country Coalition 51 to 49.
Now under the Australian electoral system that does not necessarily end in a change of government as Gillard survived in 2010 by a retention of seats (no MMP) with support from independents and traitors. It requires a swing greater than the current 51/49 to defeat an incumbent.

Having embarked on a Double Dissolution strategy that may not even come off as the trigger will come post Budget on May 22nd if the recalled Senate again fails to pass Union restraining legislation, not a given as the Senators voting for an early Xmas might just see their clear and present danger, Turnbull will still need to shore up dwindling support in marginals that only came to the coalition from Abbott's almost landslide, a fact that is even more problematical made worse by the elongated campaign time necessitated by the DD manipulations.

If the winter election comes about then it is highly likely on current poll trends and Mal's incompetence the whole house of cards will fall into Shorton Brains lap as mana from heaven when six months ago  pundits were writing 'his' obituary.

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