Wednesday, April 27, 2016


An increasing chorus is rising on the speed of the rebuild of the Village of the Damned.

Excuse me it will take a lot longer than the numpties who want it now, consider timely.

It took over one and a half centuries of action, reaction, mistakes, and success to build what we had prior to September 2010 and a hell of a lot of that was admired, resented , embraced, ignored and under constant change as time did its thing.
Remembering that much of what survived was created in the absence of the wet dreamers who inhabit City Planning today.

Some people with the resources and the ability to move sufficient people and resources to build something, just did it and if it was useful it survived, if not, it perished.

The CBD has been so changed as those who needed to remain doing business moved out to where they could continue to function in peace with parking and clients.
Having set up with a lease that needed some longevity to be viable they are mostly not about to re-enter the Wasteland so there is little pressure for providers to build commercial premises that could remain white elephants for many years.
A very active part of Christchurch pre Sept 2010 was an axis of rebuilt Cashel/High St and Manchester St to the East. Manchester st had a bunch of low rent niche shops able to survive in competition to The Whore House, K Mart et al, based solely on very low rents for premises so central due to the rather rustic conditions prevailing.
Now since "The Clearances", any replacement premises will be rent prohibitive.

Carman,/Russley/Johns Rd six years ago was a light use arterial that bypassed the City from SH1 at Hornby to the feeder to the Northern Motorway at Belfast. In 2016 it is chaos as the creation of a fourlane link that was needed in 2010 is now being created under duress while doubling as the main N/S central highway.
We keep our Mobile Home at a caravan park near Orana Park and in the beginning it was unusual to share Mcleans Island Rd with another soul, similar for Pound Rd that traversed the back of CHC international where many went just to "plane watch".
Now McLeans Is Rd is busy with trucks accessing concrete, shingle and dumping along with cars and utes attempting to find some free flowing traffic lanes, Pound Rd has been diverted to avoid the U-shaped four corners to navigated around the extended E/W runway, a Kilometer to the West and it is busy.
The centre of gravity for the City has moved significantly West and it aint goin back East.
It is similar for Halswell Junction Rd that used to be a moderately busy access for a growing industrial/ commercial area, now almost in gridlock as vehicles attempt to access the opened part of the Southern Motorway at Springs Rd.

It took decades for European cities to be rebuilt after WW2 and it only reached a semblance of completion in the 1970s, many of those who witnessed the damage to our VotD will not live to see similar reconstruction and what emerges will not resemble what was destroyed.
Far too many of those who had investments levelled have decamped to where income will start flowing and the wet dreamers in planning have absolutely no concept as to how their scrabbling to maintain "Control" has accelerated their departure as they dream on.

As one who did a successful course of study in Town Planning in a previous life, it is enlightening to watch the inadequacies and mistakes being perpetrated , even sometimes in error due to ignoring the lessons of history, as planners try to retain their pile of manure from which they strive to remain as they who know best what is needed, while so much of the funding that came from the Insurance sector drifts away to better and more lucrative options and they have no bloody idea why it is that way.

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