Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Lead story on the TV1 news tonight and a pissed off Earl and Lani Hagaman are considering their legal options against Andrew Little over his claim that their $101k donation to the National Party was an attempt to buy favorable treatment for his Hotel Scenic Group in their bid for the contract to manage the Niuean Matavai Resort in Niue.

Further that they welcomed and endorsed the call for the Auditor-General to examine the contract process.    The A-G should heed their request.

But the real kick in the guts for Little was the revelation by the Hagaman's that they had previously been Labour voters ... before the Labour Party lost it's direction and moral compass.   Ouch and double ouch.

Little was not available for comment on these developments and left it up to his office to issue a statement welcoming the Hagaman's cooperation in his call for an inquiry.

This has turned out to be one huge clusterfuck for Little and both he and McCarten have much to answer for ... but I'm not holding my breath for Little to apologise to the people he has maligned.    Meanwhile Jacinda Adern and other Labour MPs sit and fume and ......... !!!!!!!?????

But you have to ask why didn't TV1 properly investigate the story before deciding to run with it ... or perhaps they did.

Updated .... you gotta luv this from Lani Hagaman in her call for the A-G to investigate the matter and in response to the claim from Little that the whole thing stunk ...  "I can assure the public that for us the only thing that will stink to the high heavens' will be the smell of roses which blossom from the fertilizer Andrew Little likes to spread around to gain his own notoriety" .... Triple ouch.  


Anonymous said...

TV1 have a long and honourable history of not researching stories. Facts get in the way of sensationalism. If it ain't alarmist and all sexed up it's not a story. But it's double edged sword, so we wait.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Well it's worth a look. Key is about commerce at all costs even extradition to countries with the death penalty and whose human rights and justice system are questionable.

Everything is up for grabs with this man who seems to be in thrall to the Chinese. Our housing stock, our family silver, our traditions, our honour and our self respect. We withstood the worst the US could throw at as with our nuclear stance yet this man and what he represents has undone it all with few weasley words.

Makes you wonder what he got up to in Hong Kong and where the leverage is?

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

Had some people around with the TV on in the background when this story broke. Was a time when all conversation stopped and people watched the news. Over the conversation a visitor from overseas who had glanced at the screen said "wants that about". Someone glanced up and simply said "politics"and the conversation return to where it was.

Aint a multitude of news sources wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Key will do when they ask for the extradition of a NZ citizen who's number 5 on their list of most wanted.

Nookin said...


Given the apparent trend for those fleeing the chinese justice system to set up shop here, perhaps you could answer this question:

What is the difference between turning back a fleeing crim at the border after discovering his false credentials on the one hand and extraditing a crim who managed to lie his way through customs but is found out afterwards on the other? Or should we simply amend our immigration criteria to llow admittance by those fleeing china to avaoid the death penalty?

The Veteran said...

Gueez Egbut ... get over your KDS. NZL lives and dies by trade and all Key is doing in China is building on that very good trade deal put in place by your mob. As for the extradition bit and I thought for a moment you were talking about the good ole US of A.

But I congratulate you on trying to divert attention for the substance of the post ... right out of the 'Goebbels' coaching manual.

For Anon 7.48 ... probably exactly what we are doing with Crimdotcon. Require them to establish their case in a NZL Court of law.

Want to end with this. Up until now I thought the system put in place to elect the Labour Party leader was such that it would be impossible to roll a leader identified with the Trade Union and activist left. After the debacle over the tax evading McCarten and now the complete shambles resulting from this latest attempt to smear I'm not too sure. There is a point where even he Egbuts of this world will say enough is enough. I'm reminded of the old saying ... the worst day in Government is better than the best day in Opposition and, right now, permanent Opposition is the best option Labour can look forward to under a leader totally bereft of leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the fact the Hagamans were Labour supporters ,having met them at a function for Labour donors, some years ago.

Egbut will understand Littles tactics.
in lieu of any ability to aim and hit a target , simply slide the switch to auto and spray rounds in the general direction.

Anonymous said...

I told you before...I don't have a Mob. Please try and remember. Funny thing about trade, it seems to justify almost everything. The USA, particularly the seven sisters were trading with Nazi Germany while London was being bombed flat. To many eggs in one basket when it comes to China.

Where do you draw the line?

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I make no apologies for where my sympathies lie nor do I hide them ... as for your good self and all I can say is that if it walks like a duck, has feathers and quacks then it is more likely than not to be a duck.

.... and 'Pig Iron Bob' was exporting steel to Japan. If we limited our trade to those countries we were 'comfortable' with and even assuming they didn't have trade barriers against our goods (which many of them do) then it would be thin gruel indeed.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

"Where do you draw the line?"

Interfering in Police investigations on the behalf of dodgy Chinese plutocrats perhaps?
Or holding meetings with more dodgy Chinese plutocrats in order to conspire to get the Union Jack of the flag ?

The Veteran said...

Welcome back Ghost ... feeling the heat are we? I didn't know that Chinese plutocrats had a vote in 'our' referendum to get the Union Jack 'of' (sic) the flag but I'll take your word for it. Would have thought your greater concern might have been for the Hagaman family. Clearly they're part of 'your' missing million and equally clearly they won't be coming back.

Reflect on that at your leisure and ask yourself why.

Angry Tory said...

The Hagamans should sue Little into the ground, and let the media hound him to an assisted suicide.

Him and every labourite with him.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

As thy used to say in that classic TV advert:-

'One has to consider the dynamic implacashuns.'

I wonder whther Little has yet done enough to persuade the party to ditch the unions' stranglehold on the choice of leader.

And on another subject, it is odd that a yarpie/pommie/frog rabbits on about NZ as though it is HIS country.

" .....Our housing stock, our family silver, our traditions, our honour and our self respect...... "

Bloody imposter!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Mrs Hagaman is a 'sledger' par excellence. Couldn't you find her a nice preselection somewhere winnable?

Anonymous said...

" And on another subject, it is odd that a yarpie/pommie/frog rabbits on about NZ as though it is HIS country. "

Yeah Digger. Oh that's right you'll becoming back later this year so you are eligible to vote.

Noel said...

"Oh that's right you'll becoming back later this year so you are eligible to vote."
Yup dual citizenship is either a hindrance or a help. Who was it on that side....Abbott?

Anonymous said...

This site just gets worse. Sometimes legbut has some valid points but instead of talking them through a bunch of nohopers pile in with personal abuse that no one else understands. Rabbits? frogs what the hell is going on.


Anonymous said...

Relax Mick. It's only cyber bullying, the stuff kids get up to at school, hiding behind anonymous. Unfortunately it's a plague on both sides of the political divide. There will always be those whose who can't string a coherent thought together ready to punch you in the face if you dare disagree.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Folks ... Mick has a valid point. Egbut and I may agree to disagree on any number of issues but he has earned the right to disagree with me and anybody else robustly too because I can say with some certainty that he served this country with honour as a soldier who did all that was expected of him in a shitty war where there wasn't a lot of honour to be spread around.

One thing for sure ... Egbut does his research well although in this world it's seldom a case of black and white and more like a dirty shade of grey.

I'm in a position to say that. It was my privilege to command him.

Psycho Milt said...

But the real kick in the guts for Little was the revelation by the Hagaman's that they had previously been Labour voters...

Let me guess - in 1987? Lots of the kind of people who'd give the National Party a huge donation and shortly afterwards receive a lucrative government contract have "previously been Labour voters" - fortunately, Labour stopped being the kind of party that appeals to such people. The National Party is still very much more their kind of place.

The Veteran said...

PM ... so you're going with the fact that the deal was corrupt then ... not sure you can expect a Xmas card from Jacinda this year.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is too stronger word for it. There is line between corruption and peddling influence. Was the decision partly influenced by the donation? Something that we can only take an educated guess at but Mr Little would not be doing the job that we are paying him to if he did not question's called being in opposition and pain in the Governments arse.

Lord Egbut
PS. Two birds cartridge, my admiration knows no bounds.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you may be right about Little doing his job but my understanding from noises coming out of the Labour Party caucus is that many think someone else might be better suited at doing it. Time (and perhaps a very short time) will tell.

All the best for ANZAC Day ... we will remember them and especially Don and Mike.