Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Or better still, maybe retire, you are too often just plain embarrassing.

As society becomes further alienated from  reality and  disconnect becomes the norm,  idiots such as Political Reporter Barry Soper need to rediscover how their shallow partisanship is white anting democracy when in fact they carry an awesome responsibility to be entirely professional.

Yesterday during the midday effort from Newstalk ZB that has replaced Danny Watson, Keree and her glove puppet crossed to "Barely Sober", currently on a junket with the Prime Minister in Mainland China. The entire thrust of his petulant, sneering, cheap effort seemed to be trying to act out a "KDS" denigration focussed on the basis that Max Key was accompanying his dad the PM.
That this was a departure from previous protocols is pure Bullsh*t, John Key has apparently been as good a manager of his domestic affairs as he has in steering the nation through some at times troubled waters and over the last seventeen years, you bloody moron, the only other PM chose to not have a traditional family life, opting instead for ascetic devotion to her goals of political attainment and only "married" in a suggested sham alliance with a supposed "safe" option at the instigation of her Party President, one James Patrick Anderton as a part of what he decided was an enhancement  to her public persona and therefore electoral appeal. Now I might have missed something but there was very little publicity of those tawdry goings on that went to the heart of the personal drivers of the lady who wished to be the political leader of the nation.

NZ  political history has too many sad incidents where political figures have suffered unusually harsh personal tragedies involving marriage breakdowns, tawdry criminal acts totally unrelated to the MP but become a national news story due to some tenuous relationship involved and by far the most tragic of those, the death of a MP's child in a suicide. It never mattered whether that sad outcome was in a any way connected to the "gold fish bowl" lifestyle that ensued but a tragedy it remained.
The cauldron that is public service for MPs, Mayors, Councillors, public servants and all others who undertake for what ever reason a task that most people decline to involve themselves in, brings a scrutiny that can too often be nothing short of cruel.

That the current Prime Minister chose for what ever reason to have his son accompany him and wife Bronagh, is of no moment Barry and as one who has chosen to involve yourself in an integral component of our democracy as a member of the "fourth estate" you should know instinctively that such information is not a part of your brief.
In case anyone thinks that I and others might be hanging out for such puerile partisan drivel to be delivered via the wireless, the bit of the whole tawdry effort that caught my attention was the very disrupted and disjointed production and delivery of the item, due I assume to matters well beyond the control of the technical people.

As a person who would walk over broken glass even to attend a "letter opening" if it was accompanied by 'freebies' and opportunities, your inability to distinguish what is newsworthy and what is just gutter gossip, yesterdays effort was a new low, even for you.


The Veteran said...

hear bloody hear.

Anonymous said...

Max key is an adult not a dependent child. Soper has every right to question why taxpayers are funding his holiday. What official duties is he required for? Who next? Max's girlfriend? The PM's sister?

gravedodger said...

Annongutless, you know for certain that it is:
(a) a holiday for Max Key,
(b) Max was being paid for by taxpayers in full,
(c) Soper was actually doing his job at all times and nothing he did could be considered holiday activity,
(d) Max was not there at the invitation of the Chicoms,

It was a cheap shot and entirely beyond the old "leave the family out of it" protocol that was observed by Media when standards and professionalism were important.
You are clearly dealing with a case of KDS equal to that of Barely, seek help it can be dire should karma be added inadvertently.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to believe me you old sycophant, just believe the PM

Family are fair game when being given a free ride

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Like all lousy lefties you post a link which does not back up your claim.

You might as well quote Pravda as quote the Herald.

Redbaiter said...

The whole problem is there is no criticism of Key from the right.

There is a surfeit of manufactured complaints from the left (like Soper's pathetic gambit here) that in their weakness only serve to drive up public support for Key.

And this has been going on for so long the public are tired of it and now won't countenance any complaint at all.

Or when something real happens, they can't recognise it, and dismiss it as just another fake complaint.

So Key gets away with something so treacherous as conspiring with the Chicoms to change our traditional flag.

If Helen Clark had been caught doing this the screams would have been heard in outer space.

But NZ's political condition is so limp today, it raises merely a ripple.

Then again, with the Chicoms wielding so much influence over our political parties and our media and our economy, there's not much that can be done anyway.

Noel said...

Don't see anything in the rules about sons of Prime Ministers travelling in RNZAF aircraft.

"Children of members and Ministers aged 5 to 17 have 4 return trips a year between home base and Wellington to be with the member while the member is on parliamentary business.
The number of trips for children between the ages of 5 and 17 are unchanged, except that trips are expressed as single trips, rather than round trips, for reasons of administrative convenience.
A member’s spouse or partner can have 20 single trips a year; a Minister’s spouse or partner 30 single trips a year. That difference reflects the larger number of official engagements undertaken by Ministers at which the presence of a spouse is likely to be required. The travel of the spouse or partner of the Prime Minister is not capped, given the significant number of official events at which the spouse or partner is expected to accompany the Prime Minister."

Anonymous said...

"43 Travel by family members (1) A family member of a member of Parliament may travel— (a) on scheduled air,rail,ferry,and non-urban busservices throughout New Zealand in accordance with this Part;"

RNZAF to China is probably not "a scheduled air service".

Anonymous said...

Sshh Mr Baiter....don't mention the flag donor dinner and for god's sake don't breathe a word about the Spratleys or Military exercises with Malaysia otherwise the big Chinese stick comes out with a stern warning on trade deals. It seems not only the family silver is being sold but our soul as well.

Lord Egbut