Friday, April 8, 2016


A few random thoughts.

The demise of adoption as a solution to the problems arising when a child becomes unwanted or parents become overwhelmed needs to be brought back as an option. Open or closed depending on the degree of breakdown and inherent danger.

The 'rights' of birth parents need to be extinguished far earlier when a child becomes at risk.

Referring to "birth parents" when it is most likely the male has debunked and the male included is merely Mothers current squeeze and is far more likely to be the greatest threat to the child. Accepting that gender roles will sometimes reverse.

Welfare 'encouragement' as a contributor to the destruction of the basic need for stability, comfort and safety the natural environment a child needs as a minimum, needs to be reviewed.

"Eugenics", as a livestock farmer back in the day, there are some capable of breeding who will never be safe as an option. It is tragic that children are removed for protection only to have another victim arrive in the dangerous and dysfunctional environment when there is a solution available.

Of course these observations will never be even discussed in the current misguided overview that prevails. A fact that is a major restraint to finding a solution.

All that said Ms Tolley has made small steps but it has not achieved anything yet, I wont hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

D'accord........first we shoot those in the child protection industry, then the lawyers.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

I have to laugh at some of the commentary when there is a store video of a youth gang rushing and overpowering the shop owner, before rushing out again with stock.

What do they expect. Any scumbag 16 and under knows the consequences of those actions.
Off to the Youth Court where they decide the makeup of the Family Conference through to a system that awards diversion like Brownie points.

Lets return to the past and reinstate supervised incarceration of recidivist youth offenders who know that the consequences of the current system are not a deterrent.

Shelldrake said...

Just been to see the Hunt for the Wilder people. Just about says it with respect to kids and social welfare. Bloody good movie as well.

Howie said...

In a single post Gravetodger suggests the state stealing children, a government run eugenics programme and the abolition of welfare for people he doesn't like. Now, I know that tory parents generally raise selfish, ignorant,anti-social brats, but surely you're going a wee bit far here?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... if you want to indulge in that sort of crap one might respond along the lines that Labour parents generally raise children imbued with a culture of 'entitlement' prepared to blame society for every misfortune ever visited upon them rather than taking a cold hard look at themselves... but I'm not sure that adds much to the quality of the debate concerning the matter at hand.

What we do know is that the present system is broken, that the status quo ain't working and that the socialist solution of throwing more money at it and measuring success by outputs rather than outcomes ain't the answer either.

Nick K said...

This is the fourth lot of reform in this area in 18 years. That suggests we have deep-seated, ingrained problems. Changing the name of a government department and doing the same things, but differently, won't solve them. We have spent soooooo much money in the area over that time for no discernible improvement.

It's time to look completely outside the box, because Tolley's best intentions will lead to nothing otherwise.