Wednesday, April 13, 2016


well the 'non' disclosure of his tax return would suggest a 'yes' to both the questions.  

In Little's rush to headline grab he releases what he claimed was his tax return for the last seven years ... except he didn't.   All he put into the public arena were details of his salary as Head of the EPMU and as a parliamentarian.     What he failed to disclose were the details of any investment income which he claimed was taxed at source ... that may or may not be true but I would have thought that if you were going to grandstand on the issue it was incumbent on him to make full disclosure.

You look at the register of Members Pecuniary Interests just released and the section dealing with Mr Little's declaration is sparse on detail and that in itself raises questions ... just where has the money gone.    Many other MPs (Labour included) have listed substantial assets and I have no problem with that.   But it does however beg the question and Little needs to come clean.

But actually this is a sideshow playing out to the Media Party.    Little's call for the PM to release his own tax records is empty rhetoric because Key's investments are managed through a 'blind' trust established when he became PM to guard against any possible conflict of interest.   You have the trustees release those details and the whole rationale behind a blind trust is negated.    The reality is that Labour is attempting, yet again, to smear Key by innuendo ... happened before with the H-Fee debacle which backfired spectacularly on them and no doubt it will happen again in the hope that mud sticks.

Actually mud does stick and Little needs to tread carefully given that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ... remind me again about his Chief of Staff's long running dispute with IRD over the non payment of income tax dating back to his time as a Union head honcho.    Now that was a real scandal.


gravedodger said...

It is possible that the greatest 'Taonga' a socialist will ever accumulate is the income, far and away better than anything their meagre ability and acumen could but muse about.
Hence the frantic scrabbling indulged in to keep their gob in a taxpayer trough.
Remember the wailing and gnashing from the s/he Georgina Beyer/George Bertrand who upon departing Parliament was not offered anything by way of a parachute.
A cold day in hell to be sure.

Anonymous said...

I think Bryan Goulds comments in the Herald pretty much covered this subject. But it was those treacherous bastards at the RSA that started it by dining with the Russian Ambassador and trade commission trying to get their grubby little fingers on a few under the counter roubles for the campaign to retain the present flag.

What price democracy and love of country...shoot the lot of them.

Lord Egbut