Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I am proud to include Whaleoilbeefhooked in my daily search for "News".

Currently Whaleloil has three posts that will never be reported in what passes for a MSM in benighted New Zealand.
1 Police launch a burglary squad from Mt Wellington Station and wouldn't you know it have instant success.
2 Some reality on where NZ stands as a Tax haven and the news is pretty good.
3 Some actual background as to what The PM's dealings with a "Trust Lawyer" actually means as opposed to the Media Party's efforts to make stuff up.

It never fails to astound me when I toss in something relevant to a discussion found from Andrew Bolt, Michael Smith, Ele Luddemann, Cameron Slater, David Farrar, Larry Pickering, Sky News or some other source that the trained and skilled propaganda wing of the NZLP want ignored.
"How did you know that"? well sheesh there are three sides to any debate, yours, mine and the freakin truth. A Truth that far too many want never to see sunlight as it does not fit the "agenda".


johnno said...

Psycho Milt said...

Well sure, some people prefer comforting propaganda to unpleasant facts - it's the entire basis of Fox News' success.

Of those three Whaleoil stories:
1. Commentary on a story from the Herald, so I guess we can assume the MSM will publish such stories.
2. A propaganda piece attempting to divert attention from the fact that NZ has been operating as a tax haven for foreign tax avoiders and money launderers and its Prime Minister saw no problem with that. The fact that we aren't among the top 10 countries used by Mossack Fonseca is true but irrelevant.
3. A piece about Key's dodgy dealings with trusts. Key is a corporate weasel, so it's to be assumed that he weasels out of paying his taxes unless he demonstrates otherwise. He's just not that unusual a weasel. If he wants people to stop speculating, he could come clean about how much he's paid in tax the last couple of decades. While he's at it, he could show receipts for the donating his salary to charity that he was boasting about to the papers a while back.

The Veteran said...

PM ... KDS in full flight and I thought you were better than that. Please detail Key's dodgy dealings with Trusts ... you won't because you can't. I guess it really hurts though that someone from the wrong side of the tracks should make a success of his life when really, to your way of thinking, he should be tribal Labour. Well he's not because he's not a loser.

You demonstrate a certainly unhealthy bias in your descriptive of the PM as a corporate weasel and, by definition, a tax evader. I'm sure tax evaders come in all shapes and sizes including even university employees.

It you were consistent you would call for every MP to release their tax returns ... but they shouldn't because there is no requirement for them to do so and MPs, just like you and me, are entitled to a degree of privacy over their tax affairs and with the caveat that the IRD has a responsibility to investigate cases of tax evasion.

Continue to muck-rake as much as you want to and in fact I would encourage you to do so ... just makes you and yours look silly. The public can and does recognize KDS in full flight and votes accordingly.

p.s. You will probably know better than I but my recollection has it that the last MP to run foul of the IRD was ... wait for it ... Labour!!!!! Clue ... same initials as the PM.

Psycho Milt said...

KDS in full flight...

OK, you got me. It's absolutely deranged to imagine that the reason wealthy people have lawyers, accountants and trusts looking after their finances is because they want to avoid paying taxes! No, these honest, hard-working citizens are simply engaging in a philanthropic endeavour to ensure that lawyers and accountants have enough work to keep their heads above water. Mea culpa.

It you were consistent you would call for every MP to release their tax returns

No, I just want some transparency from the one who was keen to see NZ become the Switzerland of the South Pacific and to that end encouraged foreign tax evaders and money launderers to direct their ill-gotten gains here. The rest of the MPs I don't really care about.

Also: "Key Derangement Syndrome," aka "I Hate it when People Criticise my Idol Syndrome." Not everybody likes corporate weasels, merchant bankers or currency traders - Key is all three, so he can expect a bit of flak.

The Veteran said...

PM ... I have an accountant so as to ensure I am paying the correct amount of tax ... and you see something wrong it that?

As for your last para. I dislike politicians whose mission in life is to dumb down to the lowest common denominator rather than rewarding success which, to them, is an ugly word.

I look no further than the relentless campaign against charter schools which caters for those students the state system has failed. A campaign driven by ideology which seeks to institutionalise failure rather than offering an alternative which has been embraced by the very people that Labour and the Greens claim to represent.

Remind me if you will just how many MPs on your side (Labour and Greens) have Trusts .... 23 by my count. So, by your thinking, all of them are dodgy too?

Psycho Milt said...

If we define the "correct" amount of tax as "ensuring that no possible loophole has gone unexploited," accountants do indeed ensure a wealthy person pays the "correct" amount of tax. There's nothing "wrong" with it, certainly not in a legal sense - unless you're one of the politicians who ensures there's plenty of loopholes to exploit, in which case there's a hell of a lot wrong with it. National MPs are past masters and enthusiastic practitioners of this particular variety of "wrong."

Re charter schools, it's funny you describe opposition to them as a campaign driven by ideology, as that's exactly how I'd describe the government's efforts to establish them. They don't cater for pupils the state system has "failed," they cater for the government's bizarre ideological fixation with private schools and for the people who'd like to cash in on the resulting re-distribution of public money into private hands. The pupils are a minor consideration, relevant only to the extent they provide a propaganda advantage.

Re other MPs with trusts, they're minor-league compared with a bankster like Key. Anyway, it's possible not all of them have trusts merely for tax-avoidance purposes - some of these trusts may exist to ensure creditors won't get a chance to recover debts owed to them. Either way, it says nothing pleasant about the people involved.

The Veteran said...

Ok ... I've got it. Having an accountant to do your tax return is wrong and, according to your take on life, National MPs spend all their waking hours ensuring that legislation is so written that there are tax loopholes to exploit ... sez much then for the calibre of the Opposition that they fail to ferret these loopholes out then ... both when in Government and their rightful place in Opposition.

Private Schools and Charter Schools create choice and I accept that in the socialist lexicon choice is a dirty word. One glove fits all ... except that State Schools aren't all of the one standard ... the reasons are complex, poor governance, poor leadership, poor teachers. I can point you to any number of State Schools in low socio-economic areas achieving spectacular results just as I can point to others in so called wealthy areas where mediocrity rules OK. But in your brave world parents faced with failing schools should just have to grin and put up with it ... and lets not even talk about the kids.

Got it too that you think all people with Trusts are evil ... in which case I plead guilty.

Psycho Milt said...

Ok ... I've got it. Having an accountant to do your tax return is wrong...

That's what you understood "There's nothing 'wrong' with it" to mean?

The Veteran said...

Well clearly we agree to disagree but, as I said, your parading of KDS is sad but at least you didn't go the full hog of some of your 'friends' over at the Daily Blog by labeling him an avaricious Jewboy and a pity that his mother didn't escape the ovens. We probably need to end this for both our sakes.

gravedodger said...

You are possibly too young Milt but there was quite some discussion during the Lange years for NZ to become "The Switzerland of the South Pacific", if my memory serves me correctly used as part of the sell of the Douglas reforms that turned NZ into a modern free financial state where the centrally planed command economy was ditched.

Paranormal said...

PM, the main reason we have an accountant is the complexity in the tax system. If it was simplified there would be far less opportunity, or desire as you would have it, to get your tax wrong. But then again tax is created by politicians, many of whom have never had to survive in the real world.

The real issue is not the amount of taxation paid, it is the other side of the equation where we have a problem. If government got its spending under control there would be no issue with taxation.