Saturday, April 23, 2016

How Not to Kowtow (Updated)

Poor little Kevni Rudd has been running around in China trying to drum up support for his UN bid.

All to no avail, so it seems.

"Despite a degree of Chinese sympathy over his fading prospects, Kevin Rudd’s tilt at the job of UN secretary-general appears to have failed, short of him being drafted by a desperate Security Council if none of the nine official candidates can muster significant support.
His best hope might have come from a concerted effort led by China — one of the five permanent members of the Security Council — but there are no signs in Beijing that such a move is under way.
Official newspaper China Daily has published extensively on the race, without mentioning the former Australian prime minister as a runner."

Somewhere, there is an old Chinese proverb, "wise man never calls Chinaman 'rat fucker.' "

(Readers will recall Rudd memorably accused China of 'rat fucking' the Copenhagen climate bullshit.)

That leaves the Antipodean running clear for Helen Clark who has the necessary skills and experience for the job - namely an affinity with lies and deceit. (Just ask Peter Doone.)


Anonymous said...

A wise man does not waste my time by sending me off to pay sites. An even wiser man speaks fluent Mandarin when engaging with the Chinese...guess who?

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sorry about that Legbut. I subscribe to the only decent paper in Australia.

The Chinese basically told him to get lost. His Mandarin didn't do him any good and in their polite way they told him to get lost.

Noel said...

The Australian reputidly the paper of choice for John Howard.

And Adolf. No surprises there.

Gerald said...

She said her handling of the Doone episode, in hindsight could have been handled better.
To be clutched by National as an admission of her deceit.

Adolf your bias o meter is permanently stuck reducing meaningful discussion on your posts..

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... a friend of mine was seconded from ANU where he was an expert on international terrorism to work in Kevin Rudd's office when he was PM. He resigned after a relatively short time. He said Rudd was impossible to work for, had an incredible ego, was a micro-manager par excellence, was not receptive to advice not in accord with his own thinking and lost his rag on more than one occasion ... and they were his good points.

For the record ... my friend is tribal Labor.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gerald, meaningful discussion, as you call it, is impossible to have when one party wants to airbrush history and ignore inconvenient reality.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, it occurs to me it might not be a bad thing if Kevni got the job.

With luck, he might destroy the UN.