Friday, April 15, 2016


So the leader of the opposition, until now anyway, does a dramatic here's mine, show me yours empty gesture in Parliament, so what.

Five years income from a couple of troughs revealed in tax returns that a year 12 student could have garnered with a few minutes at a keyboard, and the dopey prick wants a total revelation of the contents of a Blind Trust that every successful person must create to be compliant with the law around conflicts of interest if they wish to become a MP.

The scary fact that after years of above average income initially from his fellow unionists and subsequently as a List MP and he reveals nothing , nada, zip, around accumulating any assets that could subsidise a retirement that under current performance will come sooner rather than later.
Ok it could be assumed he will have jumped in to grab the bait subsidy that accompanied the launch of Kiwisaver.

Now Mr Dumbarse Moron not only is there a large target for Tax avoidance that threatens to be ruled evasion in a current legal skirmish for APN,  the employer of many of your current cheer leader squad masquerading as journalists, what about NgaiTahu.
As a commercial entity with well over a BILLION dollars in assets they are inexplicably listed as a "CHARITY" when the vast majority of the activity financed by gifts from a seemingly complacent taxpayer, is pure commercial activity that enjoys monopoly advantage along with that nonsensical charity status.
Whalewatch Kaikoura, Shotover Jet,  massive land holdings from the disposal of Public assets, eg Police building in Christchurch CBD and ex  Railway lands along Blenheim Rd, plus the serious acreage from forest land ex NZ Forest service including Balmoral's twenty five thousand acres and Eyrewell's twenty thousand acres, all potential arable/grazing on the north banks of the Hurunui and Waimakariri rivers.
All beyond the Taxation system that acts as a serious impediment for growth for those not deemed "Special".

Forget trying to smear Mr Key with your amateur dramatics, he is far too astute for such rubbish.
How about bringing the ultra thuggish Mallard down to size before the open season commences in a couple of weeks for starters then maybe bring Ngai Tahu and the other Maori golden rorts to compliance with the laws that govern all other New Zealanders with maybe allowing a charitable arm that will resemble other registered Charities, now that could be the  "GAME CHANGER" you and all your predecessors have been fruitlessly searching for since Mr Key threatened the only NZLP 'Leader' of the 21st century, over a decade ago.

Here's another starter for ten!
Instead of going after Partnership Schools that apparently bring success for educational failures delivered from the comfort zone of your Teacher Union mates, maybe you need a similar free enterprise learning opportunity for the NZLP's current leaderless bunch taking money under false pretences.

You, Mallard, and indeed the whole bunch of residue of a once almost great NZ Political Party are just an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is....

Hallelujah brother!!

Don't forget all the free carbon credits given so there are no deforestation liabilities from clearing the land

Must be nice to be "special"

The Veteran said...

Fascinating and just yesterday I was speaking to a past Labour Party candidate who rolled their eyes when I asked how they thought their 'dear leader' was performing.

With 'friends' like these that nice Mr Little doesn't need us to put the boot in.