Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Good Teeth / Bad Teeth.

How many of those who crusade against sugary drinks also oppose efforts to add Fluoride to public water supplies.

Mass medication of water with traces of fluoride reduces caries in teeth by a factor in excess of 50% , while sugar provides  nutrition for the micro-organisms that destroy tooth enamel that currently health nazis are pursuing with  a fervour as an add-on to their perception that a sugar tax on soft drinks will benefit.

We gave our children who were living in a home environment depending on rainwater, "F tabs" and they had no caries at all by their 20s.

Some parents provide fluoride toothpaste.

At accepted rates of fluoridation a person would need to ingest over 10 litres of water a day to approach total maximum levels per day.

So what a nonsense that a tax on sugary drinks will act as an effective regime to overcome obesity and tooth degradation while a minimal addition of Fluoride to public water supplies will be a risk to human health.

Fluoride occurs naturally in some water supplies and sea water while it can beabsentt in some aquifer sourced supplies.

NZ is geologically a very young land mass and there are many instances of trace element concentrations  lower than ideal such as Selenium in the soils of the volcanic Plateau that led to "ill thrift" in young farm animals back in the day, an argument can be mounted with regard to Fluoride in the environment.

Removing the emotive appeal around Fluoridation in local body elective process and delivering that decision to DHBs has merit imho.

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