Saturday, April 16, 2016


I made passing reference to this in an earlier post but the absolute hypocrisy exhibited by Andrew little and Trevor Mallard along with all the accompanying nudge, nudge, wink, winks from the rest of the retards in the Labour caucus in trying to link John Key with tax fraud encourages me to to go the full Monty on this.

It is perhaps delicious irony that Labour's attack should be orchestrated by Little's Chief of Staff, one Matt McCarten ... the same Matt McCarten who, as Head of the Unite Union, engaged in a not too friendly discussion with IRD regarding $130,000 (sans penalties) which included $36,000 in tax deductions from employees salaries/wages which 'he' failed to pay over.   In addition the Union was tagged for another $57,630 in GST payments which they failed to remit to IRD.

And McCarten's response was that he made the choice to fund Union campaigns rather than clear the debt ... "I don't shy away from these decisions, I make the calls".

Perhaps this was the reason why, after making such a song and dance over the Panama Papers and trying to link the PM into the scandal on Tuesday and Wednesday, it all went deathly quiet from Thursday on ... the realisation that people in glass houses etc.  

The only MPs in Labour's caucus with a grin on their faces come Friday was a certain Cardy wearing gentleman from Wellington and his little helper, that apostate whisky loving ex-Mormon from Auckland.  

Yes, I know the BBQ season is just about over but ......


Anonymous said...

So he deliberately chose ,for personal and political reasons ,to defraud the taxpayer, the IRD and evade tax.

The fact that Little and the Labour party kept him on , indicates they to are less interested in paying their dues than the perceived advantage of having McCartens strategic brain.

With Little on 7% and Labour on 28% one can only assume ,without McCarter , Labour would be on single figures .
Either that or they are the only ones that don't know McCarten is a serial failure

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

I'm enjoying watching the hole being dug deeper and deeper. I can imagine that the National Caucus has been briefed to let them keep digging.

Then of course there was the other performance by Winston's Deputy Dwarf. Yeah we know he wasn't a cook! It is very obvious that the little toad was being baited. At some appropriate stage the facts about Marks claimed military career will come out and will blow him out of the water - he has been put on notice.