Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I have previously made it clear my belief that it will be a disaster for the GOP having Trump as their presidential nominee.

That aside, his clean sweep of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island coupled with the truce that wasn't between Cruz and Kasich (notwithstanding that the two are like chalk and cheese in terms of where they sit in the Republican political spectrum) and it ensures that while Trump may be heading to Cleveland a few tens of delegates short of the magic 1237 needed to clinch the nomination, his momentum is such that he can certainly claim presumptive nominee status.

If Cruz fails to win Indiana (and right now he is 6 points behind Trump on the RCP polling average) then it's really all over for the Republicans bar the shouting.  Forget about any back-room engineered deals to deny Trump the nomination.   Such a move would split the Republican Party and gift the election to the Democrats.

And on the 'Blue' side the Clinton machine rolls on although they must be getting hugely pissed of with Sanders who just won't go away picking up Rhode Island in today's primaries.   But the reality is that at sometime soon he's going to have to concede.    He's run out of time.  The numbers are against him.   There's no pathway forward for him to claim the nomination.

One would expect that with Trump's nomination confirmed there will be a semblance of a move by the Republicans to rally behind their candidate based more on their loathing of Clinton rather than any great enthusiasm for Trump who many in the GOP view as a stalking horse for the Democrats despite (or maybe because) of his ability to entice over into his camp blue collar erstwhile Democrat voters.   One thing for sure ... Trump ain't no Reagan.

While a week is a long time in politics and with the election still seven months away my prediction is for a Clinton landslide of AuH2O proportions with the Republicans limited to winning states in the South and mid West and not much more.

A final message to all those aspiring, young and nubile White House interns ... Bill's on the way back and, in the immortal words of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, ... 'It's hard to keep an old dawg on the porch'.


Redbaiter said...

FFS, the ignorance in NZ regarding US politics is so over-powering.

Five of the most liberal states in the US vote in favour of two of the most liberal politicians.

And this suddenly develops into a deep and meaningful situation predicting certain wins for Clinton and Trump.

Only in the Cuba of the Sth Pacific could the public be so poorly served by the bunch of clapped out half educated uninformed fuckwits who have the vanity to call themselves journalists.

They were Liberal states. They were liberal states.

I'll say it a third time.

They were liberal states.

Whatever happened there it has to be seen in this most important context. But no one here makes the slightest reference to it.



Oh come on now. Trumpie has been misunderestimated so many times yet he soldiers on to success.
He will eat the Hildebeeste for breakfast, unless the FBI doesn't get her first.

The Veteran said...

Red ... sorry, I have great difficulty in following your post. I can accept your contention that Clinton is a liberal democrat and Sanders even more so but are you arguing that Trump as a winner in those five States is a liberal too?

Of course those five States are liberal (Democrat) States although Maryland has a Republican Governor ... so is NY and so is California. You do the maths. However you look at it Trump is pushing s**t up hill and with a divided Party to boot.

Said it in an earlier post ... the US (and the world) deserves much better than a President Trump or a President Clinton. Both are flawed.

Redbaiter said...

"are you arguing that Trump as a winner in those five States is a liberal too?"

Of course Trump is a liberal.

He's been a liberal all his life.

Supported vocally and financially every liberal cause out there. Example Planned Parenthood. Example The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Supported every liberal politician with donations.

Says whatever he wants to get votes, but walks back on one position when confronted by someone with another position.

Example- Muslim immigration.

Ist version- (actual word for word quotes) "I would close up our borders to people until we figure out what is going on"

2nd version "I did not say shut it down, I said you have to be careful".

Then there's all this- (all on record)

- Supports federal grabs of state land

- Supports fast track re-entry of expelled illegal immigrants

- Says education, healthcare and housing are govt priorities

- Supported restrictions on so called "assault weapons". Actually used the term.

- Disagrees with North Carolina's bathroom law.

These are are all liberal positions.

Trump wins in liberal sates (NY another) because he's a damn liberal. Note he lost big time in Texas.

Trumps modus operandi is plain. He's got no real positions on anything. That's why he's running scared of debating Ted Cruz one on one. He knows he'd be cut to ribbons.

Like Obama and "hope and change", Trump has "make America great again".

To avoid scrutiny he manufactures a conspiracy that he is being cheated.

"Cruz lies, they system is rigged, vote counts have been fraudulent, repubs are going to cheat him out of the nomination, he is already the winner by default."

All BS designed to intimidate the current system.

The fact is it was always expected that Trump would win those five states. It is upcoming competitions where he has to win.

He knows he can't do it. He knows he is going to fall short of the 50% of delegates (1237)

That is why he is attacking the process with BS. He is manipulating his supporters with allegations of fraud to try and force his way to the nomination.

Keep listening to the fifth rate silly little girls posing as reporters and journalists in NZ Veteran, (or liberal sources in the states) and you'll never have a clue what is really going on in the USA.

The Veteran said...

Red ... I'm worried that you and I are singing from the same song-sheet. Our positions are identical. Trump (like Winston) is the ultimate Populist, will say anything, do anything for a headline. Dig down and they're both poster boys for big government.

A repeat again ... the US deserves a hell of a lot better than Clinton or Trump

p.s. you left out of your list his support for 'eminent domain'.

Noel said...

Said he wasn't going to be there along with no flag change.
Got the flag right but it's too early to tell Trump will be win the nomination.
If he does get it then it's the first female President of the United States of American to be appointed. Scary stuff either way eh!

The Veteran said...

Noel ... in spades.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a much more strategic, intelligent and business savvy negotiator than Raegan by a long way. Ronnie was a big surprise but he does not have the proven success behind him that Trump does.

Trump sends massive shivers up the collective arses of the left and his own party. It makes me feel all warm and furry thinking Trump could be president later this year.

Noel, the nomination campaign is not the presidential election. I have heard this dreamland rocket science about Clinton beating Trump and its bullshit. She is toast against him in a street fight. She only has one mode, smear and scare, he has several and a shitload of ammo to use.


Howie said...

"Trump is a much more strategic, intelligent and business savvy negotiator than Raegan (sic) by a long way. Ronnie was a big surprise but he does not have the proven success behind him that Trump does."

ROFL. Go Trumpster! Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Mortgage, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump Water, Trump Casinos, Trump University... A phenomenal record of business failures and rip offs. And where are his tax records? He's an orange clown with tiny stubby wee fingers. I so hope he gets the Republican nomination.

Anonymous said...


When you have as many businesses on the go over a lifetime as Donald Trump some are bound to miss the target. Or are you one of the those socialists that think you only succeed if there are no mistakes or mistimed ideas from the get go? Good luck in that world, it doesn't exist.

You my friend have no clue about taking risks life let alone business.


Howie said...

And, of course, the Trumpster doubles down! Leaving aside the lies, his lack of qualifications, narcissism, poor grasp of anything as complex as policy and his orange hue, for a guy who builds his presidential credentials on winning, Trump loses extraordinarily often. And the has stubby wee fingers. I hope he defies his history as a loser and finally finishes off Cruz.