Saturday, April 30, 2016


Don't do recommendations too often but yesterday the Veteran and Mrs Veteran had lunch at the Palms Bistro & Venue at Keri2.   Normally when driving from Paihia to Keri2 you turn right at the roundabout on SH10 and head into town.   This time we turned left towards the airport 500m and you're there.

Great ambiance, swathes of lawn, ponds, garden walks and you are surrounded by huge palm trees (not surprising because selling palms is the other half of the business).       But it was the food that we came for and we were not disappointed.   It exceeded expectations in spades.   You can access their menus here.   We shared the breads and dips which was a very generous serving while Pam opted for the open steak sandwich which was huge comprising two rounds of scotch fillet steak plus mushrooms, baby spinach, caramelised onion, tomato and cheese while I chose a 'healthy' caesar salad infused with anchovies (my favourite).    All that washed down with Stella and a very good sauvignon blanc.  

Total bill ... less than $90 and when I came to pay the lady owner on presenting the bill insisted I try a complimentary portion of their seafood chowder (scallops, prawns, mussels, fish of the day in a rich cream sauce) ... was stuffed but managed a taste and it was delicious.

We'll be back.   Their dinner menu excites and beckons.   The Paihia/Russell/Keri2 axis has many fine restaurants.   This is one of the best.   Unreservedly recommended.  


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sounds pretty good Vet.

Here's a little story from the Barossa.

The Cook and I don't go to wineries much - they are for tourists. However, the other day we went to Peter Lehman's at Nuriootpa and there we enjoyed one 'platter' between two and a glass of red. Better than a pub lunch.

What impressed me was the sheer simplicity of it all. No menu. You either have a platter or nothing. (Minimal staff and kitchen costs.) Two different Germnan style processed meats, two chutneys, two cheeses, olives, roast almonds, corn crackers and lovely crusty white bread. No butter or marg.

Never mind the wine which is excellent, I'd go back just for that platter.

People tell me other wineries do much the same thing but we just hadn't been to one for a while.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmm ... don't do wineries much either (although Marsden Estate is just down the road from the Palms and that's not too bad) but another restaurant I would recommend unreservedly is Fernando's in Macau at Hac Sa beach. Bit of a trek to get there and they don't take reservations, turn up and take your chance. Again, food to die for. King Prawns served on silver platters that just keep coming and coming until you tell them to stop along with hot bread straight out of their ovens cooked in front of you with lashings of butter and carafes of ice cold best Portuguese Rose.

Our lunch there lasted from 12.30 to 4 and cost bugger all. Don't quite remember the ferry trip back to HK.

Anonymous said...

As an astute political observer with a track record of political predictions Veteran I thought this one may may have slipped under the radar while on your culinary adventures.

This is the one of the most cringe worthy, sycophantic possibly paid for pieces of PR that I have read in years. The exception being the removal of the cork "forests" in Tunisia would kill off the Snow Leopard...... Somebody had just invented the plastic/synthetic cork.

As the good judge in California said of Earl Hagaman.....his evidence is devious and deceitful. How did a well regarded, independent paper with excellent credentials going back 100 years get sink so low.